Quinn's Memories

The week-long trip to Chicago was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had at C&C. I was pretty lucky with my rooming arrangements, aside from the fact that we had only two beds for four people. I ended up being roommates with some of my closest friends in the group and we all had a lot of fun being in the same hotel room. Even when we didn’t have our phones, we still could enjoy just talking to each other, sometimes while watching TV.

The first day lasted for 21 hours, so it was pretty tiring, but we went to Second City to see a live show, which was fun. It was quite funny and creative, and the improvisational work was impressive as well. I don’t think I’ll ever do improvisation or comedy as a career, but I respect those who do because it seems difficult and something that would take lots of practice.

Tuesday was fun as well. We mainly spent time at the Museum of Science and Industry. I used a flight simulator where one person has to shoot enemies and the other person has to steer and turn the aircraft. My partner kept flipping upside down but that actually made it even more fun. I also checked out some other cool stuff in the genetics exhibit. It definitely felt a lot shorter after the never-ending history museum experience on the previous day.

Wednesday was pretty relaxing for a change. Since everything was cancelled because of the extremely cold weather, I mostly spent time in some people’s room. I don’t usually spend that much time with certain people, but I hung out with them and it was good to get to know them a little bit better. Sometimes just watching television can start interesting conversations, and I really enjoyed that. Our phones were taken away, which definitely got my roommates and I to talk a bit more while we watched television together.

Thursday was also pretty chill, since we barely did anything. I hung out with the same people again, except it was a lot less crowded. This time we watched a lot of YouTube videos, many of which were old videos we had made awhile ago. Then we went to a jazz performance, which I thought was pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of jazz music because of its strange rhythms and syncopation. I like music to be very exact and on-beat, and jazz can be very fluid and improvisational. The musicians were still extremely good though, especially the drummer. I play drums, but I don’t expect to ever be as good as people like him.

On the last day, Friday, there was a lot to do. First, we went to Willis Tower, which I had already done before when I was in Chicago a few years ago. Then, we went to the aquarium, which I loved. Sea creatures can be beautiful, cute, weird, and unique. I especially found the stingray’s gills very interesting, and seeing jellyfish and spider crab was a bonus.

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