Parker’s Memories While at C&C

Throughout my time at C&C, I have experienced many enjoyable moments. I wish I could revisit them all because I truly have had a fulfilling time while at C&C.

I first joined the C&C community in the Vllls when I was well known amongst my peers for being obsessed with tigers. I assigned almost everybody in the group an animal just for the fun of it. Every time someone brought up tigers, I was there talking to them, showing my enthusiasm. If someone was visiting C&C and we were introducing ourselves, I would say, “Hello, my name is Parker and my favorite animal is a tiger.”

Another memory was when some of my peers in the Vllls tried to give me a “grammar lesson.” When I say “grammar lesson,” I mean that they tried to convince me to use other words besides the word, “tiger.” This resulted in me giving them a confused look and saying, “tiger.” Obviously, this did not work out well.

This obsession with tigers stayed with me until the late lXs. Then, I found my next passion, the book series called Warriors. From the end of the lXs until the middle of the Xs, this was all I cared about. I would read these books within a day sometimes. Again, if someone brought up Warriors, I was there to talk with them. I assigned everyone in my group a character, yet again.

Another memory is the event that lasted over a week in the lXs: the Country Trip. Although this trip is a bit fuzzy in my memory, I do remember that our group had a blast. Every time we came back to our cabin from a meal, we would race back. There would be two people that always came in first, but the idea of a collective race always elicited enthusiasm from everyone. I mostly remember loving the Country Trip, even if I recollect so little from it.

In the Xllls, I have had a lot of fun. One event that was extremely memorable was going to Chicago. Even though we woke up at three in the morning to make it to school to catch the plane, I still had a great time. Going to Willis Tower was memorable. We went to the top floor in two trips where there were transparent boxes sticking out of the top of the building. They were made of bulletproof glass and could hold a lot of weight. I remember having fun convincing people to come and stand on the “sky boxes” with me.

Another memory was when our group went to the small hotel swimming pool. It was wonderful watching Chase and Max race in the pool. Chase claims the spot for second fastest swimmer in our grade. Chase felt the race was unfair because Max apparently cut in front of her, so she was unable to get all the way to the other wall. It is still to this day a controversy amongst us. Who won?

I truly felt like a Xlll, watching TV every night with my roommates, Chase and Daisy R. Another funny moment happened during social hour when half the group was in Willem, Declan, and Roly’s hotel room, watching Black Mirror. Chicago was an incredible trip.

In the end, it is hard to pull out the specifics because overall, I have had a wonderful time attending C&C--from multiple extremely memorable Spring Fairs to hanging around the School everyday, and sewing everyone’s costumes for the play from the Vllls until the Xlls. I could not have asked for more. I am going to miss coming to school everyday and holding my place as fourth person in our group to arrive at school.

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