Nathalie: My Memories of My Time at C&C

I came to C&C not long ago in the XIIs. I have only spent two years here, which is nothing compared to how long some of my peers have been here, though it feels like I have been here longer.

It took me awhile to get used to my new school and its ways, like changing my vocabulary from “Recess” to “Yard” and “seventh grade” to “XIIs.” I still remember when Lisa, our Math teacher in the Xlls, called me out when I said “improper fraction” and told me to call them “top-heavy fractions because there is nothing improper about them.” I enjoyed the fact that we had dessert every Wednesday and that we did not have letter grades.

When I visited, the first friend I made was Chase. She had a vivacious laugh and a glass jar of glittery slime that was always taken away from her. I will never forget how she started happy-dancing when she found out there was not going to be any school the next day because of snow. I will also never forget lunch on visiting day: mac and cheese and glazed carrots. Chase still remembers, too. She was surprised by my appetite and said I was the only person she knew who liked carrots and varied my meals.

I was in the XIIsP, a quaint class of 12 students, which differed from my former class of 25. It took awhile for some people to properly spell and pronounce my name, since it has an unusual ‘h’ in it. One time Seamus even asked me, “Why does your name have an ‘h’ in it if you are not going to pronounce it?”

I have a great natural memory, some would even say amazing. By my first day, I knew everyone’s name. I am the only person in the Class of ‘19 that knows every XIII’s birthday, and I have only been here for two years. Quiz me.

The funniest memory that I enjoy looking back on was when Gitana, Chase, Felix, Daisy B., and I tried to film a horror movie in the XIIs during electives, but failed horribly. It was less of a horror movie and more of a comedy due to our terrible acting and not very realistic death scenes. We made a trailer and a movie, both equally bad, and we had a lot of fun filming. Every now and then, somebody would mess up a line or trip over a box and we would get it all on camera. Our blooper section was the best. It was not until we showed the movie to the Upper School that we realized how awful it was. Though, the whole thing was hilarious.

I enjoyed our Xllls trip to Chicago. I had never been to Chicago before and in my opinion, we chose the worst time to go. I had to wear four layers of sweaters, two layers of socks and thermal underwear. Despite the bone-chilling cold, I had so much fun. Lilly and Hanna were my roommates. We watched Big Mouth most of the time and snuck Froot Loops into paper cups from the breakfast buffet. We also used the hotel telephone to prank call the other XIIIs. We had the messiest room in my opinion. There were jackets thrown on the couch and empty bags of chips on the counter, but we also had the biggest room. During social hour, a few boys along with Lilly, Hanna, and I watched PewDiePie and Dr. Phil. We also watched a lot of funny videos from Quinn’s and Marco’s YouTube channels that they started when they were younger. It was funny to see 11-year-old Marco with a high-pitched voice thanking his two subscribers. Everyone wanted to see Cade’s YouTube channel, but he said he would fight anyone who tried.

One of my favorite memories is when Mia and I made a cake for the Spring Fair this year. Mia and I are not exactly master bakers, but we had a lot of fun making our hot cocoa cake. We had a lot of trouble rolling out the fondant because it would always rip apart and stick to the table-top. Once we had finished our cake, Mia made the mistake of opening the cabinet above where we were working, because when she opened it, a plastic appliance fell out of the cabinet and landed on our cake, creating a dent on the top. The funny thing is that a few minutes after we had fixed our cake, I opened the cabinet and the plastic appliance fell out on top of our cake a second time. But eventually, we got the idea to move the cake somewhere else where no weird appliances would fall on top of it. Our cake turned out great and it tasted amazing, too.

I always receive my daily dosage of Parker hugs. One time, Parker and I finished three large cartons of fries together, but according to Chase, that’s nothing. This year was really fun because Parker, Chase, and I worked on an end-of-the-year film together. This whole year people thought we were all really annoying because we would record everything, but little did they know that it was for a film. We got everything on tape: from Felix’s dancing to Willem’s soccer goals to Jack trying to learn German.

Although I am really excited about summer vacation and high school, there is a large part of me that will miss C&C. I have only been here for two years, and sometimes I wish I had been here longer. A lot of people thought it would be hard for me to write my memories because of my short time here. I am going to miss everybody from the Class of ‘19, my IVs from when I was a XII (who are currently Vs and will be IXs when we graduate from high school), and the community. I will surely visit C&C in the near future, as it has been an important part of my learning experience.

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