Jack's Memories

If I were to choose one memory from my years at City and Country, I would choose a famous day at C&C when the VIs put on a small diner for one day. The process started a few weeks before the event. First we had to split our class into two different groups: the servers and the chefs. I was chosen to be a chef and I was with four or five other kids, including some of the current XIIIs. The rest of the VIs were servers and taken to a different room to work on their skills.

The VIs that were chosen to be chefs were then taken to the Art Room to get chef hats made out regular pieces of paper taped together and placed on our heads. As a VI then, I expected that being a chef was a lot of hard work and I would really have to struggle to make enough food for all of our incoming customers. However, looking back, I barely had to make any food and there were only around two groups that came. After we got our chef hats, we went back to the classroom to make a list of what we wanted to serve at our little restaurant, and even more importantly, decide what we wanted to name it. I believe that we decided on the Colors Cafe and that we wanted to serve a few different types of foods. I think we had pancakes and two types of soup that our teacher kindly made for us. We just had to put it in little paper bowls and give the bowls to our servers.

After many weeks of getting excited for the Colors Cafe and preparing the room for the big day, the chefs got together to make some mix for our pancakes. It was surprising the amount of materials that our teachers got for us. I believe we had one or two hot plates by which two of us would work and we got to do all of the pancake making actions like flipping them and scooping them up with a spatula. Looking back now, I am surprised that the teachers actually believed in us enough to deal with such dangerous pieces of equipment, and to be sanitary enough to handle all of the ingredients and still feed it to people.

There were many reasons why I chose this specific memory, some being that I still remember being a chef to this day, cooking all of the different items that we made, and having the experience to make food that people actually ate. Since this was our first real job done for the community, it really impacted me. This was also one of the first times that I was pushed to work together to bring my group to a final goal as a team. This is a memory that I will keep for a long time and will be what I remember about City and Country. I will miss the School. Even though it has been nine years, each year has been better than the last.

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