Gitana's Memories

I’ve been at City and Country for nine years now, almost a decade. In my life as a C&C student, a lot of things have happened. From a cockroach flying around in a tiny classroom to a four-hour game of monopoly at three in the morning, I’ve done just about everything at C&C.

My first memory at school was the very first day. I came to C&C in the Vs and Visiting Day was my first time in school. I was homeschooled until Kindergarten so it would be an understatement to say I was excited to go to an established school. I remember that I went up to everyone and started hugging them because I was so excited.

One of the most memorable events was the Country Trip, everything from me accidentally punching Lilly in the face to Hanna bringing a full-on butcher knife instead of a pocket knife that resulted in Max getting stitches. Also, on the Country Trip, we went canoeing. While I successfully avoided falling out of the canoe, Hanna and I were so bad that we got stuck on the river bank three times. Everyone was playing a canoeing game on the other side of the river but Hanna and I struggled so much that we couldn’t even get to the other side of the river where the game was being played. The trip was exciting, but most of my memories are from the Xs, XIs, XIIs, and XIIIs.

In the Xs, while working on our play, Gee made the executive decision that everyone had to have an equal amount of stage time. The Princess (Evelyn) was all the girls’ character of choice so in order to solve the dispute, each girl played the princess in a separate scene . Eventually all the girls played Evelyn once but, of course, no one could play the princess twice because that would be “unfair.” Even though all the girls practically begged to be the Princess, Gee insisted that someone new play her and Declan ended up with the role.

We were on our unfortunately timed trip to Chicago during the Polar Vortex with temperatures reaching -23 degrees. The weather put a wrench in most of our plans so instead of going on bus tours and visiting museums, we spent our time all crammed in one hotel room watching Black Mirror.

Chicago was by far one of my favorite C&C experiences. I was in a hotel room with Daisy B and Mia. Willem, Roly, and Declan were directly above us. Daisy and Mia would always call them and they would always stomp on the ceiling. Eventually, Mia found an ironing board in the closet and banged it against the ceiling.

C&C will always be a huge part of my life and while leaving is bittersweet, C&C has prepared me for the next chapter of my life and I will never forget all the great memories I have here.

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