Girls Who Forgot the Magnet: Daisy R’s Memory

Early into the IXs year, everyone was supposed to go around the School and ask what supplies teachers wanted in the Store. During this “reconnaissance” mission, I ran into Gee, who was a Xs Group Teacher at the time. She mentioned that she wanted magnets, and Gee was specific in saying that she did not want the weak magnet men that groups were using. She wanted strong magnets. I kept this in mind when signing up for supplies and when it came time to purchase our second stock of items. I found the strongest magnets for the cheapest price, and after purchasing and repricing the square magnets I had found, at either two or three dollars, they were ready to be sold.

So after our magnet order came in, it was my turn to be a traveling salesman, which I was assigned to along with Hanna. We decided to see if Gee wanted to buy the magnets. After testing the magnets, and deciding she loved them, Gee wanted to buy four. But we only brought three with us. So Gee paid us for the four and we promised to bring her the third before the end of the day. Then Gee left us with somewhat of an ominous warning about not forgetting. In actuality, Hanna and I remembered to bring Gee the fourth magnet, but over the following six or so weeks, Gee sent me and Hanna a story about what would have happened had we forgotten.

The story called, “The Girls who Forgot the Magnet” is, while based in and around the School, more fantastical. The story revealed that Gee and other teachers who had been her student teacher, like Megan and Jay, had magical powers. Gee could turn kids into school supplies, Jay could charm adults using spells hidden by his Southern accent, and Megan could charm adults and teachers by fluttering her eyelashes and arching her eyebrows. Hanna and I were delighted by the story and anxiously waited for the VIIIs to deliver the next chapter—not to mention that I believed what Gee had written for longer than I care to admit.

In addition to believing what Gee had written, Hanna and I sent Gee illustrations of some of the scenes. I also attempted to write a sequel, which should never see the light of day.

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