Daisy B's Memories

Over my years at City and Country, I have developed so many wonderful memories that I will keep close to my heart as we transition to high school.

I was in the IXsJ but Meghan, the other IXs Group Teacher, used to braid all the girls’ hair. We often fought over who would get their hair braided first. It was really petty but at the same time fun and a good way to bond with people from the other group.

In the Xs, Gee created a project. We went into the library and looked at books with characters on the cover that looked like us. I was so proud when I found someone who looked like me. Then Zoe came up to me and said that the character on the cover was a boy. At first, I didn’t believe her but I went through the book and realized it was true. I was mortified because my picture next to the boy’s face had to be up in the library for the rest of the year.

I also remember in the Xs when we created our play. Gee wanted a different princess for every scene. There were more scenes for girls than girls in the group so we sat and decided who would be the princess in the last scene. Gee asked who would like to be the princess. All the girls raised their hands super high because we all wanted to be in that role. None of the boys raised their hands, which was understandable but Gee begged to differ. We had a talk about why boys didn’t want to play girls and in the end, Declan was signed up to play the role of the princess, which I don’t think he was very happy about.

In the XIs, we were in our printing press groups and Shane started singing a song called “Little Gitanas” to the tune of “Little Girls” from the movie, Annie. That became a tradition since Shane would sing that song each time. We even turned it into “Little Hermias” in our A Midsummer Night’s Dream play that year as Shane was Demetrius and Gitana was Hermia.

Also in the XIs, we were in Rhythms while Zelda was playing music and we were reacting to it. Declan and William were huddled together inside a hula hoop. All of a sudden Shane came out of nowhere and tried to join the hoop. Both of the other boys rejected him and put a yoga mat over each other. Shane doesn’t give up so he got a hoop of his own and tried to put it over both of them so he could be a part of it somehow. At that point, William pushed him away from them, and Shane went away. Chase and I died laughing because it was hilarious and sad at the same time.

Our play in the XIs was the best play out of all our years for sure. We went through the A Midsummer Night’s Dream script and adapted it into our own language. This took a long time but it was totally worth it because it was super funny. Most of us got the roles we wanted, and it was fun to see Chase chase Shane around like she was madly in love with him. Even Rafi said that our play was in the top three plays he had seen ever, and he has seen a lot of plays.

In the XIIs, we made a lot of movie projects. This was really fun because we got to go around and just act our ancient Greek scenarios. We prepped our costumes and lines and then editing it was really fun. The best part was making bloopers. We would always mess up because it was hard being serious all the time so we had a section at the end of the funny behind-the-scenes moments.

Nathalie used to get cherry tomatoes during every Lunch. At first, I didn’t realize what I was doing but then it became a tradition. Almost every day I took exactly one of her tomatoes. I did it when she wasn’t looking but she caught me sometimes. It became harder and harder to steal her tomatoes even though I didn’t even know why I wanted them in the first place. Now, whenever I try and take anything on her plate, she slaps my hand before I can even get anywhere near her food.

The trips in the XIIIs stick out the most because they were super fun and a really good way to connect with our classmates before we depart the School. During the Chicago trip, I was in a room with Mia and Gitana. We were right below the room with Declan, Roly, and Willem. We started by calling them on Facetime, then called them using the hotel phone but the boys started to jump up and down on the floor. This made a really loud sound for us so whenever they did it, we called them but they denied doing it. We all tried going to sleep when we heard it again. Mia, totally fed up, went into the closet by the bed and pulled out an ironing board. At first, I didn’t really know what she was going to do with it but she soon raised it above her head and banged the ceiling. I will never forgot the image of Mia standing on the bed banging the ceiling with a hotel ironing board.

Those are the moments that define City and Country for me and I hope to never lose them.

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