Chase’s Amazing, Fantastic, so Good, Very Awesome Memories

I haven’t been at C&C for that long. In fact, when I first came here, I hated it. It was very different from my old school, the biggest difference being the community. C&C felt small, nobody looked like me, and also the school was in a completely different state. As I spent more time at C&C, I slowly felt more included in the community. I’ve grown to love each and every person who I’ve been grouped with at C&C. There have been countless memories, but here are some that I hold closest to me.

I wasn’t here in the Xs but when I visited, the XsG were having Art class. I was drawing a bunch of balloons and really just scribbling. I was told that my drawings were pretty good and I think that was one of the nicest things ever said to me.

During my first Rhythms class at C&C in the XIs, we were playing Museum and I volunteered to be night guard. While I was surveying the statues, I went over to Declan and then I tried to jump over him. That failed and I ended up falling on him. Also in Rhythms class, William and Declan covered themselves with a yoga mat. Seeing this, Shane went over and tried to put a hula hoop over them. When he tried to, he got pushed off by William and just sat next to them in his hula hoop.

One of the most memorable things from the XIs would have to be our play. It was a rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare. One day, Gitana and I decided to rehearse our lines and monologues together. We went to go get Starbucks and came back to school to rehearse. It was a memorable moment that was one of my favorites with her.

The funniest thing to ever happen in the XIIs was when Jeremy went to the bathroom and came back in his boxers. Josh was a floater for our class and when Jeremy came in asking if somebody had a pair of pants for him, Josh told him to leave the classroom. Jeremy came in holding his toilet water-soaked shorts and he was in his boxers. It was truly hilarious.

Also while we were reading ancient Greek plays, Hanna was always trying to get the last line. Some people would go to the bathroom as we neared the end just so Hanna wouldn’t get the last line. I did this one time and was unsuccessful. She got the last line of the official play, but Cade read the stage direction, which was the last line of our version so technically Cade got the last line.

During wintertime, everyone would complain about how cold it was in the room whenever Sarah opened the window. She forced us to keep it open because it would get really hot inside. I’d always get sick and eventually was moved to the middle of the classroom in between Marco and Cade. I frequently switched seats with them so they could sit together. We read the Iliad in the XIIs and I never read a complete chapter. Except for chapters 1-4, for every other chapter, I read a couple of pages or just close to the end and just skipped the last five pages. I used SparkNotes and Shmoop and Sarah eventually found out and commented on my reading log about it, effectively exposing me. Lesson learned: Read the book.

Every single person and I mean, every single person, in my group talked nonstop about the Country Trip and the VIIIs and Xs all the time. It got pretty repetitive over time and now I know every single story. I know that in the Xs, Gee made everybody rotate roles, Lilly fell off the top of her bunk on the Country Trip, Jackie ripped up Hanna’s drawing in the VIIIs and Hanna cried, Gitana bit William on the hand when she was pretending to be a horse in the VIIs, and Gitana spilled a pitcher of water on Hanna on the first day of school in the VIIIs. Because I have heard the stories over and over, I don’t think I missed much.

In Electives, I made a movie with Gitana, Daisy B., Nathalie, and Asa called Vengeance and it was actually, like, the funniest thing ever. Looking back, I see how awful my sense of style was, but at least my acting improved since the play in the XIs, even if it was only a little bit.

In the XIIIs, I remember getting Westside Market salad and Gitana, Hanna, Lilly, Daisy B., and Mia came with me. We had to wait for Lilly who came late so eventually we left without her. We came to school late because of the salads and Michele Bloom had to talk to us about it and now we don’t get salads.

In Chicago, we had to stay in the hotel for a day because of the Polar Vortex. There were 15 of us in Declan, Willem, and Roly’s room watching Black Mirror. If you didn’t watch Black Mirror, you basically wouldn’t have a clue what anyone was talking about. We first watched Guy’s Grocery Games and then Forged in Fire, which Gitana said her grandfather watched. Then we watched South Park and now we all know about the sexual harassment panda. We went on a bus tour the next day and everybody scraped the ice off of their windows with their room keys. It was so annoying to hear the constant screeching sound.

Those probably aren’t the best memories, but they are just a few that come to mind. Being at City and Country has given me so many opportunities and introduced me to so many people. I wouldn’t trade a single memory, whether good or bad, for anything in the world—from debating on the correct way to pronounce Emily Ratajowski’s last name to Daisy and Gitana getting mad at me for bringing in tres leches when I was supposed to bring in a dessert from Spain. Playing Tamagotchi during assemblies and everyone cheering whenever someone makes a header in soccer. The constant laughter from the back of the classroom and the chatter about video games during math class, so many memories that I’m glad to share with the people that I love at C&C.

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