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I came to City and Country in the Xs. I was in Gee’s group, it was her last year of being a teacher that year. In the Fall and the majority of the Winter, we studied Ancient Egypt before preparing for the XIs by studying Ancient Rome.

At the end of the Ancient Roman study, we had an all-group roleplay meeting. In the meeting, we dressed up as Ancient Roman gods and goddesses, which similar to the Ancient Greek gods and goddesses but with different names. I chose Mars, the God of War because he was always my first choice. My mythical memoir in the XIIs was about Ares, the Ancient Greek version of Mars. I grew up playing the video game, Injustice with my brother and Ares was one of the coolest characters.

Everyone used the fabrics that were in a box in a cupboard in the XsG Room. Since I was enrolled at my neighborhood public school, P.S. 234, just the year before, I was used to making my own costumes and not having the school provide them for me whenever my class had some type of theatrical skit project due.

Both my parents helped me make a beautiful Mars costume. We had golden fabrics at home, which we used a portion of to cover a baseball helmet to make it look like a godly helmet of armor, and I made my own spear in the Wood Shop. Shop was my favorite class in the Xs because it was something that was never present at my previous school and I thoroughly enjoyed the new experience.

After I was covered in golden cloths, put on my invincible headgear, and dipped my black and yellow spear into red paint so that it resembled the blood of my enemies, I was set for action. During the meeting, we sat at a large, conjoined table where we shared what was a short autobiography, no more than a page, of our god or goddess.

When I came back to the room from changing into my gleaming suit, my groupmates were astonished. William McCusker, who was dressed in the purple silk cloths from the plastic container box, said that he thought he had the coolest and most elegant costume with his purple silk cloth. However, I just had to show up in an ensemble of gold.

In that very moment, although I knew that William was just having a bit of playful, teasing banter, I felt extremely proud of myself and my parents. I had worked hard for this costume and I was filled with immense pride because it paid off during the roleplay meeting.

Four years later, my journey at City and Country is coming to an end. It may be curiously funny and slightly lazy that my two memories are from the start and finish of my time at C&C, but I think that these two memories are my most significant during my time here.

The second most awesome memory that I have here of C&C is the trip to Chicago with the rest of the XIIIs. Although it might be cliché and a little too obvious to say that it was great since it was meant to be the greatest trip a City and Country student can have during their academic stay at the school, I felt I appreciated it more than a few of my peers.

Although the first day was tiring, I felt that the sightseeing of Chicago, the tour of the Second City, and the utmost hilarious show I have seen live–which was also at Second City–were worth the long walks. The second day, despite my close friend Skuli Baumgardner missing out because of the flu, it was still a blast. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry, and the name is definitely an understatement for its contents.

With everything from a jet-fighter flight simulator, to an indoor tornado, cloned mice, and a miniature train-track set of the city of Chicago, the museum was undoubtedly the best museum I have ever been to. When I say the best museum I mean most appealing to children my age who would most likely appreciate flamboyant, eye-catching, technological stuff compared to historical artifacts and renowned paintings of the past. To me, those things are equally amazing on the scale of the wow-factor.

It is not the best museum I have seen just because was the only museum I have been to, trust me. I have been to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, the Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain, the CaixaForum in Madrid, Spain, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Natural History Museum of New York, the Tour Bernabéu, Madrid, Spain, the Manchester United Museum, Manchester, England, the FC Barcelona Museum, Barcelona, Spain, the J-Museum, Turin, Italy, the Amsterdam ArenA Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, the Museu Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the list goes on. So to say that the Science and Industry Museum was the best one among all of those and more is a big deal.

One day, when the activities of the day were canceled because the places were closed due to the severe snowstorm outside, we stayed at the hotel. We watched Netflix for most of the day. Nevertheless, we did go to the Willis Tower. It is the tallest building in Chicago, and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

On one of the higher stories, there were a few glass boxes, entirely made of unbreakable glass, and they jutted from the building. Three of my groupmates and I stepped into the box, looked down, and were nearly traumatized. We saw the cars zooming down below us, the size of ants. We had a nice view of the frozen Lake Michigan, a large mass of water–which barely qualifies as a lake because of its enormous measurements–turned into a colossal, flat block of ice.

However, after a few big breaths and calming down for a few seconds in the center of the building, we went next to the gift shop. We did several push-ups, handstands, headstands, jumps, and tabletops on the glass looking down to the city of Chicago.

Staying with my group for 24 hours a day for nearly a week in the 50-below-zero degree weather of Chicago might seem like an unpleasant trip. However, it turned out to be a great bonding experience with my peers as well as a week of fun education.

Being with my friends showed me how much I will miss them when the end of the year, which is around the corner. Once the Torch Relay rolls in, that will mark the beginning of the separation of such a tight-knit group, the City and Country Class of 2019. Luckily, I will go to high school at Grace Church with Gitana Savage, Mia Rutkovsky, and Skuli Baumgardner, so I will not have to miss them too much.

Nevertheless, when I walk out of that $40,000 front door for the last time this year, the last time of my life as a student at C&C, I will never forget all my memories at this divine, awesome, and absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious place of a school. Goodbye, C&C. You will always be a part of my heart.

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