The XIs Last Hurrah

Besides working and finishing their Renaissance portraits, the Xls have reached a much further point on their research theses. The XlsD had Group Night on Tuesday, May 14th. Group Night is when all the XlsD parents and teachers meet, talk, and look at photos of memories from the whole school year of the XIs working, going on trips, etc. In the Xls, the students lead Group Night, so the Xls’ job was to create the slideshows that would be shared with the parents.

After months of careful research on their Renaissance characters, the XIs are now creating journal entries that show how their characters influenced the Renaissance by “embodying [it],” said Lola Ben Pyke-Shahar, XlsD.

“We have finished our body paragraphs. We still need to write our introductions,” said Ellie Keane, XlsD.

For Group Night, the Xls prepared by being “assigned a topic and had to put pictures from this school year,” shared Ellie. Everyone was eager and nervous to share their slideshows in front of the parents. Each Xl, after being assigned a topic, assembled pictures and text to explain what was on each of the slides. Some examples of slide topics are the XIs’ Frick Museum trip, their Renaissance projects, and their field trip to a mosque.

Lola shared that, “It was fun to look back [at] the photos.”

The XIsJ started their Shakespeare study and will perform a Midsummer’s Night Dream for their play. The XIs have all selected their roles and are delighted with their decisions. Maya Lax, XIsJ, plays Nick Bottom and laughed as she described her role to me.

Benjamin Squires, XIsJ, talked about playing Titania, the Fairy Queen, and said “I have to fall in love with the donkey!”

Although the XIs have not started to create their performance, they have read sections of the play and all agreed that they are thrilled to entertain their audience with a play that is both comedic and climactic!

A turning point of the XIs year is taking Sex Education classes in Science, with Katrina Raben, Science Teacher, Gino Crocetti, Specials Teacher/Academic Support, and Nurse Elaine Donovan. Benjamin, said that “[he] finds the class interesting.”

Maya said, “We had to write down all the words for private parts.”

The XIs said that they do not feel Sex Education has changed their maturity in many ways, but also said that they do not feel uncomfortable in the classes.

Currently, the XIs are also learning about people’s feelings, teasing, and body image. However, in a few weeks the XIs will split off into two gender-based groups and learn about “the anatomy of the body,” as Benjamin put it .

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