The Vs Get Creative with Blocks

As the school year comes to a close, the VsW have been covering more serious topics, such as the Notre Dame fire, and worked on their own mural for the Spring Fair.

After the recent fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the VsW had a Community Meeting about the event. They talked about the fire and what could have caused it.

The Vs showed a strong interest in Notre Dame and cathedrals in general. They wanted to explore how cathedrals are built and what they are used for, and are even working on building their own model of Notre Dame.

In order to learn more about cathedrals and answer the Vs’ questions, the VsW took a field trip to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. There, they examined many aspects of the church, focusing specifically on the interior. They made observations about what is specifically included in the church.

“I saw a lot of statues and stained glass,” said Sabine Mehta, VsW.

After they learned about cathedrals, the VsW started building their own version of Notre Dame. They began this project a couple of weeks ago by building smaller models of the cathedral. They made drawings of Notre Dame, then worked with Ian Klapper, Technology Integrator, to 3D print the church. The resulting prints were detailed and the VsW are taking ideas from the models to use when they build the final full-size structure. 3D printing the models required a lot of time and attention to detail.

“It took five hours to print!” said Sabine.

Now the VsW will work on their block building of Notre Dame and look forward to getting that project underway.

In the VsM, the Vs have made lots of structures with blocks. Julian Camacho, VsM, enjoys making sports-related buildings. “I builded [sic] a baseball stadium.”

Other Vs have also constructed a Flying Tiger store, a horse training area, and some cool-looking houses.

Aside from their large Notre Dame project, the Vs have also been expanding on their math knowledge, and are working with new math materials.

“We got new math art materials, which help us with math instead of using numbers,” said Nathaniel Healey, VsW.

The students in VsM have also been playing educational math games to help them with some of the new concepts. For example, students played Dice Race, where they roll die to race around the board. This increases their math skills while also being entertaining.

As the school year comes to a close, the Vs are wrapping up with ambitious building projects. Learning more about Notre Dame, construction, and playing new math games has been fun and educational. Even though summer vacation is coming soon, the Vs are not slowing down and are trying to make the most of their final weeks.

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