The VIs Learn From Each Other

Although the school year has gone by in the blink of an eye, it has been a special year to remember, especially for the VIs. Along the way, they have learned several important lessons, not only academically, but from their classmates as well. It is important for the VIs to learn from their social interactions in order for them to continue to be thoughtful during times of communication.

Throughout the year, the VIsE have put on puppet shows and built the Hudson River and Grand Central Terminal.

From the puppet shows, the VIs learned the significance of teamwork and collaboration because without the input of all of the VIs, the show could not go on. Not only this, but they also had the opportunity to experience hand-making props and in front of an audience.

“It felt like we were grownups on a real stage performing for other little kids,” said Abigail Nathan, VIsE.

When building Grand Central Terminal and Hudson River, the VIs had to listen to each other. This can be difficult since each VI has a different vision of what they want something to be, but they all pulled through to create something wonderful. This activity broadened the VIs’ perspectives of new places and they learned how to handle different materials as well as pay attention to detail.

“We got to use gold pipe cleaners and rope when we made the George Washington Bridge in the Hudson River,” said Caspian Kyrillos, VIsE.

Much like the VIsE, the VIsT have many memories of their accomplishments and learning moments. Many of their memories were those of their successful restaurant and building Grand Central Terminal. Others were of things they had learned in class that they thought were important to know.

Before building the Grand Central Terminal and working in The Pancake Palace, trips were taken in order to inspire the VIs’ creations.

“I liked going to the Sunny Day Cafe,” said West Wald, VIsT. “We got to learn a lot about what it was like to work in a restaurant.”

By going on trips, not only did the VIs become motivated to construct such elaborate projects, but they made special memories with their classmates.

When the VIs are not building in the Block Yard or doodling during Work Time, they are constantly learning in the classroom. The VIs are grateful that they came across important skills such as math and language because these will help prepare them for the rest of their future at City and Country.

“I learned how to tell time!” said West.

“Math. It’s nice to know about math. If you are stuck with any problem, math can help you find the answer,” said Oona Cleary, VIsT.

“Spelling and reading is smarter for your brain. You can communicate with it,” said Max Gillespie, VIsT.

One of the most important parts of C&C’s mission, is for children to constantly engage in social interactions. By doing this, students quickly make friends and the VIs did exactly that.

VIs have many memories of learning and experimenting with their friends. Through playing the VIs’ takeaway was that friends are fun to have for a good laugh, but most importantly they will teach you.

“Katya [Valazzi] taught me how to do bear walks. I learned how to make things fun like going to the doctor. Every moment can be fun,” said West.

“I like Block Yard because I like building with other people. One day, me and Oona worked in the corner of the Block Yard. We made a square with big walls,” said Max.

Friends are also useful for when VIs are sad or frustrated. VIs are always there for each other when help and emotional support are needed.

“It’s good to have a friend if you’re feeling lonely or sad, your friends can cheer you up,” said Oona.

Although the last day of school is coming closer and closer, instead of being sad, the VIs are grateful for alltheir memories and look forward to making new ones in the VIIs.

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