The VIIs Hatch a Plan for Permanent City

The VIIs’ work on Permanent City continues. Most of their boxes are done, and the VIIs have been placed atop painted boards. Although some VIIs are still working on the details of the building such as furniture inside or painting. Afterward, the VIIs have will add electricity and running water to their city. Most of the VIIs have already visited the real-life counterparts of their buildings, but some of them, including River Barna, VIIsC, have yet to visit their project sites.

India Wilkes, VIIsR, is working on the department store and described the department store she visited as “so huge that [she] couldn’t keep track of everything.” Inda elaborated described a “fluffy wall” and a “crayon wall,” as well as two Starbucks. India then clarified, explaining that she was not going to put two Starbucks in her department store.

Charlotte Winkel, VIIsR, is working on a hospital, and all she could talk about was the sweets she saw when she visited a hospital. “At a hospital, you’d think that there’d be no candy, but there is. Cookies, candy, and every sweet you could ever imagine. At a hospital. It is crazy.”

The VIIsR first presented their Permanent City on May 21, and the VIIsC presented theirs on May 28th.

After the VIIsR finish Permanent City, they will work on a newspaper for the city. According to Charlotte, this newspaper will “be about Permanent City and how we did our boxes.”

In addition, the VIIs also received chicken eggs at the end of April, which are currently incubating and the first of which hatched on May 20th. The VIIs eagerly awaited their chicks and anticipate the chicks’ cuteness. Elise said, “They are adorable, but when they are in the egg they are boring.”

Although, Charlotte noted, “They’re actually pretty ugly when they hatch, but in five minutes they’re going to be like ‘WHY DID I CALL THIS THING UGLY?’”

The VIIsR have also been studying the author, Rosemary Wells. The VIIs have been reading Wells’ books and will write a story based on one of her characters. According to India, Wells is “an author and she makes, like, talking animals. Like all different types of animals.” India then proceeded to name some of the characters.

Charlotte called their project on Wells “kind of fun. Except for the part where you have to write. I don’t like that part, but the rest is fun.”

In Math, the VIIs are learning about time and how to read it, which is a valuable skill to learn, although Elise said, “I already learned how to tell the time in the VIs! Why do I have to do it again?”

River thought otherwise and said, “I forget how to tell the time a lot and I like learning it.”

In Reading, the VIIs are still working in their separate book groups but are also reading their own books.

Although the year is not done and they still have many problems, The VIIs have really enjoyed this year and will miss each other greatly.

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