The VIIIs Wrap It Up

Until recently, the VIIIs were studying the Lenape Native Americans. How

ever, they have moved on to the next chapter of their curriculum and are currently studying the Dutch. The VIIIs are focusing on when the Dutch sailed over and created New Amsterdam, the predecessor of New York.

To really get into the mindset of the Dutch and other explorers, the VIIIs are writing books about sailors. Ara Triller, VIIIsJ, said “We are writing from the perspective of sailors on the Hudson ship. We could be writing a day by day journal or a story.”

Mateus Langham, VIIIsJ, agreed, saying the stories “have to be related to Social Studies.”

Luckily, to help expand their vocabulary for the journals, every week the VIIIs have a vocabulary and spelling quiz. “We have twelve words of the week and then on Friday we have to write then on a piece of paper. We have to study the words. And there are also bonus words,” says Mateus.

One strategy the VIIIs have come up with is to find other words that sound and spell similar to their vocab words.

The VIIIs are also working on games for Games Day. However, the group in not just making one thing. “We are making four different games,” says Mateus.

Ara also said, “Maggie has been helping us with the Games Day project. For our game there is a wheel that you spin and then you throw a spear and if you hit an animal you get a point.”

With all the interesting things the VIIIs are learning, they are also studying about the Hudson River in Science. Ara says, “In science we are studying the hudson river and are making a big map.”

While all of this seems like enough excitement for a lifetime, the VIIIs did not stop there. They have taken the next step in their math careers. Thanks to Jay Frankel, VIIIsJ Group Teacher, they have learned a whole new concept. they have learned a whole new concept. Theo Allede-Neptune, VIIIsJ, says “In math, we just started fractions and division. We have been doing division that is not that hard.”

The VIIIs are wrapping up their year with very important units which they will remember their whole lives.

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