The Middle Ages: The Xs Explore Daily Life

The end of the year holds a lot for the Xs, from making pop-up books to mixing their own paints out of eggshells and insects. The Xs have a busy schedule. In Computer, the XsMe have started to work on the perennial favorite pop-up books. They cut, design, construct, and create their own books. The overall products vary from year to year, depending on the Xs’ interests but typically they pick stories existing ones. They illustrate them using pop-ups as their medium. Instead of making a traditional pop-up book, the XsMe decided on designing a “carousel book.”

“A carousel book has a foreground and a background and it’s sort of a triangle shape filled with l

ots of smaller triangles, which create a sort of carousel effect,” said Jasper Jackson, XsMe.

Aside from their work in Computer, the Xs recently celebrated the end of the school year with their Vs Book Buddies. Every year the Xs set aside time to celebrate the end of school by spending an hour with their Vs buddies playing in the Block Yard. For some Xs, this is a nostalgic experience as it has been three years since they have played in the Block Yard.

For others, it is a chance to look into the lives of their Vs.

“I had never been to the Block Yard before because I came in the VIIIs but the Vs trapped me in one of their traps which [was],” said Jasper.

The Xs’ time with their Vs is important, especially as the year comes to a close and the Xs prepare to transition to the Upper School. Not only does their time with Vs prepare them for the XIIs Job with the IVs and babysitting, but it gives them a chance to reflect and hold onto their childhood as they grow older.

“The Vs, they have such a big imagination. They make cars out of sawhorses and they’ll sit in them and they’ll make traps out of boards and blocks and they act as though its all real,” said Dean Rosenthal, XsMe.

Many of the Xs are excited about their transition to the Upper School. “It feels like it is an important transition like the VIIs to VIIIs,” said Jasper. Being the newest addition to the C&C Upper School comes with many changes such as eating lunch in a different space and singing in the Upper Schools exclusive choir. Even though the Xs are not yet in the XIs, they still have their own expectations about what life will be like.

“I feel like there is going to be a lot harder work and it will [be a] bigger jump than before because the VIIIs to the IXs wasn’t that hard and neither was the IXs to the Xs, but I think the Xs to the XIs will be different,” said Dean. In the XsMo, students have been continuing their deep dive into religion in the Middle Ages. They have been looking at different types of religion and examining monasteries, churches and the different religions allowed during that time.

After working on their monastery projects, the XsMo split up and created different posters that described the assorted architecture of monasteries in Medieval times. Each student created their own poster that showed a different part of the monastery, some showing the famed flying buttresses and others displaying more central aspects like the pews.

The Xs originally planned to go on a trip to a monastery in New York that would help them further understand what a monastery is However, the trip was canceled days before the trip was scheduled to happen.

The Xs spent a plentiful amount of time on their fiction-writing project. The Xs is a year when students often explore different types of writing from what they had studied in previous years. The Xs explore deeper forms of writing like their stories as well as essays.

The fictional pieces cover a wide range of topics. Some Xs choose to go in a more realistic fiction type of route, possibly writing about something that is happening in the world while others may write science fiction or fantasy.

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