The IVs Meet Their New Pet

The IVs have been enjoying their last month in the classroom, playing with blocks, working with manipulatives, and being social with one another.

Recently, the IVs have acquired some crawly new friends as part of an end-of-the-year project. About a week ago, the IVs were given caterpillars by “a scientist” who they have been talking to via group letters (the

re is not an actual a scientist. The teachers pretended there was to help the IVs understand that they were taking care of living creatures).

The IVsL received 34 caterpillars, while the IVsN were given 24. Each caterpillar lives in their own jars with lots of food. After their little critters arrived, the IVs sent a thank you letter to the generous scientist who gave them the caterpillars. Even though the IVs got the caterpillars recently, they have already learned a tremendous amount about what caterpillars are and the process of turning into pretty butterflies.

Simon Grossman, IVsL, said, “I love to draw the caterpillars that are going into chrysalises.” A chrysalis is a protective shell made of webs that caterpillars make when they are ready to turn into butterflies.

The IVs’ caterpillars are at different stages. Some seem to be halfway through creating the chrysalis, while others have not started.

Pierce Shea, IVsN, said, “My favorite part is to watch them grow.”

At the end of the year, the IVs will release the butterflies into the wild streets of New York.

The IVs have also been up to some other activities as well. About a month ago, the IVsL planted wheatgrass. After the grass finished growing, the IVs ripped it out of the dirt and planted the older seeds. Liana, IVsL Group Teacher said that she did this to show the IVs how they can reuse and recycle anything, even plants.

Overall, the IVs are finishing out the school year strong. Instead of slacking off and counting the days until summer, they are making the most of their remaining time left by connecting with nature.

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