The IIs End The Year On The Right Note

There are only a few weeks left in the school year and the IIs are still as energetic as ever. During Work Time in the afternoon, the IIs continued their usual play and worked with clay.

“I’m making two balls. I’m making three balls,” said Amelia Wells as she made three balls out of two pieces of clay.

“I’m making one ball,” Io Holl replied to Amelia. The IIs clay time was cut short as it was time to transition to Music. Eden Gattullo, the IIs Assistant Teacher, called the IIs one by one to line up be

hind the sink to wash their hands.

“Amelia wash your hands, Eli wash your hands,” said Eden. “When you’re done washing your hands meet me in a circle.”

While they waited for Daniel Toledo, Music Teacher, Eden decided that the IIs should try something new. She brought out a bin of soft books saying that the IIs were mature enough to handle them. There were books on dolls, food, animals, and even plants. Each book had interactive components, perfect for keeping the attention of two-year-olds and helping to make learning something fun for them.

Eden passed out a book to each II, but the doll book was the most sought after. Milly Fan reached for the doll book after being upset with the one that she currently had. Eden used this opportunity to address the IIs and remind them that they “get what they get and don’t get upset.”

Eden jokingly said that the soft books are good because “if anyone throws them, they’re soft.”

Aanya Patel hid in her book while the other IIs played around with the tools in theirs. Even at the end of the year, the IIs are still enjoying learning new things.

The IIs then put the books away because Music had started. “It’s new,” said Gabriel Chang.

“What’s new?” asked Daniel.

“The guitar,” said Gabriel.

“I have a guitar too,” said Echo Doig.

Then all of the IIs to said, “me too.”

“Since we’re all saying the same thing, let’s sing together,” said Daniel.

The IIs started off their class with a rendition of “If You’re Happy and You Know It,” a class favorite. Students clapped their hands as hard as they could, they stomped their feet as hard as they could, and shouted “Hooray!” at the tops of their lungs. Daniel increased and decreased the volume and tempo of various songs to indicate to the IIs how fast and how loud to sing.

“I’ve got joy like a fountain in my soul,” sang Daniel. He stopped playing on the guitar and instead had the IIs clap their hands to keep the beat. He then switched the song to one that the IIs all know and love, “Baby Shark”.

Amelia and Gabriel really got into the song and began to bounce and do the hand movements to “Baby Shark.”

Daniel then changed the song to a true City and Country classic, Acan Drum. He sang the beginning of the song and the IIs finished the lyrics.

“And his eyes were made of,” sang Daniel.

“Cheese,” exclaimed Anya.

“Meatballs,” shouted Echo.

“Very good,” said Daniel.

“What about his legs?”

“Carrots,” said Amelia.

By now, the IIs all know their alphabet well and Echo proved this by singing the entire song by herself after everyone else had finished singing.

Even at the end of the year, the IIs still enjoy the activities that they enjoyed at the beginning of the year. They have blossomed into mature and coherent two-year-olds that will surely continue to thrive and impress as they transition into the IIIs.

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