The IIIs Work on Their Vocals

Crayons squeak their last movements across paper, jigsaw puzzle pieces fit into their boxes, and chairs creak under tables. Such are the sounds of an ending work period in the IIIsC.

Uproar ensues as the children form a circle for Song Time, but the transition ends without a hitch. The Group Teacher, Cathy Novembre, sang songs to quell the masses before music time can truly begin. By the time Daniel Tortoledo, one of our Music teachers, get to the scene, the IIIs were excited and ready to sing.

As Daniel’s guitar playing started, the slightly offbeat clapping consistent with the work of large groups of children filled the room, along with C&C classics such as “Koko Leo Ko” and “Here Comes the Sun.” The IIIs were, as Daniel said, “really feeling the music.”

While the IIIsC rocked on, the IIIsR had a different kind of fun. Everyday the IIIs go up to Roof Yard for their daily dose of fun in the sun. Sadly, the sun had not shown itself this particular day, and the IIIs were cold and irritable. To remedy this, IIIs Group Teacher, Robin Sage, introduced a new game to the Lower School repertoire.

In this new game called “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” a group of chickens [IIIs] stood on one end of the forest while the sneaky Mr. Fox [other IIIs] stood on the other. The chickens call out, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” and Mr. Fox gave them any number between one and 12.

The chickens, dull as they were, then walk however many steps the aforementioned number was. Once the chickens were close enough to the fox that he was confident he could catch one, he yelled, “Midnight!” and the chase was on.

While this activity might not be huge for any Middle or Upper Schoolers, a new game is always great for the Lower School. The pool of Yard games is small already and games can get banned for any number of reasons, such as repeated injury or general unpopularity.

In the IIIsA, students experienced weather changes and different seasons, and used their drawing and storytelling skills to make a book.

“We’re making a pool you dive in and then you jump out and over the sawhorse because it’s raining now,” said Nina Vilensky, IIIsA, “The edges of the box don’t have paint because they were picked apart by people jumping out.”.

“Usually when it’s rainy we stay downstairs,” said Kai Mclaughlin, IIIsA, “When it’s a little rainy we still go up [to the Roof Yard].”

“We play ‘Chase the Baby,’” said Nina, “We pretend that Lake [Mclaughlin] is the baby.” Nina joined a group of IIIs with bowls in front of them, making car noises and chasig Lake around the Roof Yard.

The rain began to fall hard on the Roof Yard. “I’ll collect some rain with these bowls,” said Zain Haider, IIIsA.

The rain picked up and the IIIs had to leave. “Emergency pickup,” Anisa Moonsammy, IIIsA Group Teacher said.

The IIIs lined up to go downstairs. “What does the water taste like, IIIs?” asked Anisa.

“It tastes like water,” was most of the IIIs’ answers.

A few said, “It tastes yucky.”

“It tastes like water from the sink,” said other IIIs.

One III said, “It taste yummy.”

Down in the IIIsA classroom, they made a book called The IIIsA Story. “Everyone here had a chance to share in the story,” said Anisa. Each III made their own page that had an illustration on it. The teachers wrote down what the III who made the illustration wanted to have as the text on the page.

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