The 2019 C&C Spring Fair

The Spring Fair at C&C has always been the main event at the end of the school year, and a harbinger of summer. Before the fair, A lot of students had been anticipating the big day.

“I am looking forward to the XIIIs private lounge because I know past XIIIs have enjoyed that space,” said Lilly Meyer, XIIIs.

“[I’m looking forward to] the food and spending time with my friends.” Said Lola Early, XsMe.

Each year the XIIIs have the honor of choosing the theme for the spring fair.

This year's group chose Alice in Wonderland. In recent years, themes have been based on broader ideas, such as under the sea, or the future. This years choice of Alice in Wonderland was a new, refreshing choice, and the theme contributed to the vibe of the fair, that being whimsical and imaginative.

The decorations spread around the fair stuck to the Alice in wonderland theme, with portraits depicting the famous classic. They also had cards and white roses from the story, as well as fake wedges of grass in the block yard, all portraying scenes from the book. “I think they did a really good job at capturing the feeling of wonderland and what wonderland is supposed to be like.” Said Daisy Ryan, XIIIs. “A little crazy, a little magical, and a little all over the place, in a good way.”

This year the Spring Fair had a tent over it, as the rain was forecasted that day. This years fair was noticeably similar to past years. There was a magician, a dance floor, a puppet show in the IIs class classroom, and karaoke in the VsM classroom. The karaoke was made up of mostly Upper School students, singing classic songs from the 80s and 90s, while the puppet show, quite obviously, attracted more Lower School students, mainly 2s and 3s.

However, there was still a new change to this year fair. This year, we had a dedicated photo booth room, a step up from the smaller booth we have had in past years.

“I liked that they had props for the photos,” said Chase Holness, XIIIs. “However, it was a real camera this year instead of Polaroids, and I prefer the instant photo.”

This year’s Spring Fair on the third Friday of May, which has been the norm for the past few years. Before that, the fair was held in the morning on the third Saturday in May, which was a totally different experience. With the sun out, the fair can have a much more serene atmosphere to it, while the dark night sky plus the flashy lights and dance floor indicate more of a party scene.

The dance floor was full of excitement. it was occupied mainly by the younger student body. Most kids were either dancing and throwing a mini football around.

The barbecue was a big hit, with many students and parents alike turning up for the succulent cheeseburgers and hot dogs the cooks had to offer. There were a surprising amount of options for mac and cheese this year, ranging from classic American to four cheese with broccoli. There was also popcorn being sold in the block yard.

The XIIIs didn’t exit the lounge for much of the fair, as they had little reason to do so.

This years XIIIs lounge this was filled with snacks chosen by the group, such as Takis, Lays potato chips, and cheetos, as well as some sweet drinks, like Sprite and Pineapple Fanta. The salty foods offered paired with the beverages made for a really good snack stop. The XIIIs Lounge was also furnished accordingly, with comfortable chairs and couches. There was also a great view of the block and ball yard from the IIs Yard, which made up the majority of the fair grounds. The XIIIs definitely made the most of their luxurious and exclusive sector.

This year's spring fair turned out great. It brought in a new theme with Alice in Wonderland, while sticking to what worked in the past, with dancing and delectable food options. Everyone found their place this year: whether it was moving on the dance floor, singing it up in the karaoke room, or just relaxing in the XIIIs lounge, everyone enjoyed themselves, and that is what matters most.

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