It’s Time To Go Now XIIs

The XIIs are wrapping up all their studies. They are working on the IVs books because they will not be taking care of them for much longer.

In Social Studies, the XIIs are continuing their Greek studies and read ancient Greek plays and stories in class. They are reading aloud Socrates’ work and having discussions about the texts. They are also reading the play, Orestes. These two works of literature are related to all of the previous work they have been doing this year because Socrates, among others, was a prominent figure in ancient Greece. The XIIs seem to be enjoying every moment of reading these plays and love the engaging discussions they have with their classmates and teachers.

In Spanish, the XIIs are working on their finaltranslating a song Marianela chose. They watched the music video to the song, which the XIIs found amusing. The song of choice was an old love song by the name of Un Beso Y Una Flor. Marianela is ending the year with something that the XIIIs would all enjoy.

In Math, the XIIs are learning how to graph equalities. They are putting the equations in Desmos, a graphing website, and doing the exercises Lisa Ochs, Math Teacher, assigns them.

The XIIs have many questions about Math in the XIIIs: Is it harder? Do we get to work in groups? Who teaches it? Is it fun? The XIIs liked the answers the XIIIs told them and are enthusiastic about moving up to the XIIIs.

In Science, they are presenting their projects and slideshows to the class. The XIIs expressed that they love sharing in front of their classmates. Rose Harkrider, XIIsS, said, “It’s not as nerve wracking because I have known all these people for a really long time.” Camille Sullivan, XIIsS.

During IVs time, the XIIs are making books for the younger students. Camille is making her book about an emu with a lion’s mane and little horns named Martin. He is the only emu in a world where everyone has a partner. He travels around and meets all different kinds of animals to then end up meeting the other emu.

Rose’s story is about a girl named Lily who has a scarf that blows away on a windy day. It goes to New York and warms up the pigeons and then Mexico to save animals in a tree and then France to get cheese and finally goes to San Francisco.

The IVs will be able to keep these books with them and have their parents read them aloud as much as the IVs want. These books are something many past IVs find memorable.

As the last day of school gets nearer, the XIIs are starting to feel some sadness about going into a whole new class with a whole new set of teachers.

Camille and Rose feel strongly about the experience they have had with Sarah Whitter, XIIsS Group Teacher. They are sad to leave Sarah as she was one of the “best teachers of [my] life,” according to Camille.

Camille explained that Sarah had a way of engaging her class and finding ways to make each class interesting and enjoyable for all the students. The gestures Sarah makes are a key part in getting the XIIs attentive and ready to contribute to their class discussions.

“You only get a few good teachers in your life and Sarah was definitely one of them,” said Camille.

Even though it is hard to say goodbye to the teachers they love and cherish, the XIIs are feeling increasingly ready to face the XIIIs with positive attitudes and inquisitive minds.

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