The XIs Portray the Renaissance Through Portraits

Odessa Kanarick, XIsD, working on her Renaissance portrait

The XIs are in the midst of their Renaissance research. From creating portraits of Titan to Michelangelo, both Xls groups are eager about their projects. Other examples of Renaissance characters being researched are Caterina Sforza, the queen of Forli, Galileo, a respected scientist, and many other characters from this time period. This project crosses into many different subjects such as Math, Art, and Computer.

The project started with the XIs choosing three historical figures that they would be interested in studying. Once the XIs picked their Renaissance figures, they started to research them. “I am studying Caterina Sforza,” said Tenzin Niles, XlsD. Though the Xls are eager to work on their portraits, some are nervous. “I am scared mine will be bad,” shared Tenzin. But every year the portraits turn out excellent.

The process begins with the XIs Photoshopping their heads on top of the heads of historical figures. This enabled them to feel more comfortable with using Photoshop to blend their facial features in with their Renaissance characters, according to Benjamin Lew, XIsJ.

Second, during Math, the XIs are graphing lines on large pieces of canvas, proportional to the pieces of paper with their Photoshopped characters on them. The XIs used their measurement and proportioning skills to do this.

Lastly, in Art, the XIs “are printing famous paintings that we carved in linoleum,” said Lola Ben Shahar-Pyke, XlsD, which they will offer at a printing sale. One XI did their own version of Starry, Starry Night.

At the beginning of the process of creating their final portraits of their faces on their characters’ bodies, the Xls studied their characters in order to write a research thesis to “prove how their characters embodied the Renaissance,” shared Daniela Jimenez Gabb, XlsD Group Teacher. The XIs have been completing in-depth research, taking trips to the Met, and mimicking their characters’ demeanors and traits. Benjamin said that it was easier to write about his character if he believed in what he was saying.

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