The XIIs Work on End of the Year Studies

As the end of the school year comes nearer the XIIs are increasing their studies and working harder. The XIIsS recently finished the play process and produced a wonderful retelling of the Iliad through Helen’s perspective called Dangerous Beauty. The XIIsP are reading Antigone. Both groups have also recently taken the CTP Test, which will be sent to public high schools. Additionally, they are learning more about friendship and cliques and how to deal with conflicts with friends on their own.

Even though the XIIsP has only recently started reading Antigone, they are excited to continue to read and learn about the Theban culture. The story of Antigone is a little bit dark and more melancholy because the characters have unsettling fates. Like one of them marries her son and other characters take the lives of their own and others. But so far the XIIs seems to love the play.

While one class read Sophocles plays the other class performed their own play. The XIIsS performed their play on April 25th. The story was about the story of Troy and how the Trojan war was not all Helen’s fault. They depicted the major scenes, like Patroclus’ death, the cowardice of the Diomedes, the death of Hector and much more. Now that both classes have completed their play processes they can immerse themselves in Greek literature and knowledge.

In math, the XIIs just learned about scientific notation. Though some students explained that they had already learned it from past tutors. Both the XIIs recently took the CTP test. This test is helping prepare them for the ISEE which they will have to take in the XIIIs. These are both standardized tests that will be sent to high schools. The XIIs took the CTP in the XIs and XIIs classrooms. Overall most of them said they thought they did well.

In science, the XIIs continue to learn about ocean life. Now, they have split up into individually or into pairs and each has a topic they are going to present about. Before this project, they were learning about the different layers in the ocean and made a project and slide presentation, now the topics vary more and are a more independent study. For example, Anisa Walji is doing a marine sanctuary and Lucas Gannon is doing seafood.

The XIIs finished their Spanish test about the Myth of Prometheus. They previously read Greek myths in Spanish and translated them word for word. Then they made a list of all the new nouns, verbs, and adjectives. They had some time to study the new vocabulary words before this test. This test was different from other ones the XIIs have had before. They were given a small paragraph and they had to fill in the blank according to what the sentence was. It also helped if they knew the story well.

It seems even though the grade is so small there are cliques and groupings the students tend to seek. But, even though there are groupings in the grade friendship wise students said there is an ability to move around to different groups once in a while so you are not confined to the same people all the time. The XIIs explained you can see the different groups at lunch because the same people tend to sit with the same people every day.

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