The Vs Explore Science and Observation

With weaving and letter study coming to a close, the Vs are now moving onto their final projects for the year. They are focused specifically on hands-on work and on improving their construction and analysis skills.

In the VsM, students are fascinated by some new members of the group: the bess beetles that live in a terrarium in their classroom. They have spent time examining the beetles with magnifying glasses to see what can be discovered about the beetles and their anatomy.

They have also been examining the life of the beetles and trying to figure out how they live, such as what the beetles eat. So far they have discovered the beetles use wood as food. “The beetles are cool, but the mouth is a bit creepy,” said Ayden McLaughlin, VsM.

Some of the Vs are intrigued and are ready to do more research, but others are nervous. “Get this off of me!” said Marlowe Klier.

To improve their observation skills, the Vs took trips to both Horatio and Bleecker Park. While on the trip, the Vs examined different parts of the parks and tried to figure out what made them unique. After they returned from the trip, the Vs worked in the classroom to create a Venn diagram to compare the two. In the future, they will go to Washington Square Park and Union Square as well.

The VsW have also been working on new buildings in the classroom. The VsW had a discussion about the recent Notre Dame fire. They discussed what happened during the fire, and talked about possibilities of why the disaster could have occurred. This discussion sparked a new interest with the VsW and they have created smaller models of Notre Dame to learn more. They have also explored topics such as Notre Dame’s history how it was built and. Now that they have finished these smaller models, they are going to start a much larger project of actually constructing Notre Dame out of blocks.

The VsW have also been making sculptures out of clay, exploring different techniques such as how to make the sculptures food-safe. Justin Bagtas is working on a vase and Coulton Barnett is making a cup. “It’s pretty easy to use, but a lot of fun!” said Justin.

As the school year comes to an end, the Vs are making the most out of their new beetle friends and the new clay sculptures they’re creating. The Vs are always having fun, especially when they can examine, discover, and create all on their own.

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