The VIs: Ambition for Future Transition

The VIs have had a constant flow of work, from opening a restaurant to putting on a puppet show. As they have done all of this, their curiosity has flourished. The VIs are clever individuals who constantly ask questions about the world around them. This includes asking questions about our school, City and Country. As the VIs roam the hallways and explore the School, they observe older groups and wonder about their own futures.

One thing the VIs look forward to as they come closer to the end of the year, is becoming VIIs.

“When I’m in the VIIs, I want to get the chicken eggs like my brother [Adrian] in the VIIsC,” said Julian Lucca, VIsE.

In the image on page 19, three students from the VIsT wrote down their dreams for their future at City and Country. They wrote: “When I am a VII, I want to do the Brooklyn Bridge. I want to be a cook and a pottery person too! I want to be a cook all the time.”

Other VIs had different ideas of their future and were interested in years beyond the VIIs at C&C, such as the IXs and the XIIIs.

“When I’m a IX, I want to go on the Country Trip and make a dolly,” said Gia Triller, VIsE.

This specific topic intrigued many VIs, as the IXs have recently returned from their journey on the Country Trip. They have heard stories of the activities the IXs did, such as making corn husk dolls, as Gia mentioned.

“I want to learn how to report silly things,” said Cleopatra Stone, VIsE.

Many students like Cleopatra dream of writing and interviewing for the Newspaper, as XIIIs frequently visit them in order to cover their news. VIs would pretend to write notes and take pictures, mimicking the actions of the XIIIs. It is part of C&C’s nature for students to be curious and ask questions. At such a young age, the VIs are already masters of the task.

The VIs do not only want to engage in new activities, but also want to develop as individuals. With age comes maturity, and the VIs hope to become more mature as they grow and move from grade to grade. Communication is key for strong relationships, and at times the VIs struggle with this, which is why they hope to improve.

“I hope we are not going to be unsteady anymore,” said Serafina Rura-Haug, VIsE.

Steadiness is a common issue for many Lower School groups, including the VIs. A lot of the time, being unsteady can get in the way work. Serafina expressed that the only way the VIs as a whole would be able to achieve and learn more, was to become more steady as a group.

In addition to steadiness, the VIs also hope to become more interactive with other groups whom they might not have the opportunity to talk to. They want to get to know every aspect of the community, especially the many students just like them who are constantly hustling and bustling around the school.

“I want to learn how to talk to the IIs who sometimes can’t talk,” said Julian.

Another thing that holds the VIs’ interest is the Science Room. Since the VIsT classroom is conveniently situated across from the Science classroom, the VIs are always attentive towards the outlandish experiments that go on and are intrigued by the different materials and equipment. They have observed older groups build models and make structures, and have hopes to do the same in the near future.

“I want to do Science and learn how to make potions to help people. I want to make bridges with popsicle sticks and hot glue like the other kids in Science,” said Greyson Frazier, VIsE.

“I want to learn about volcanoes in Science,” said Dandelion Cohen, VIsT, after observing an older group who was learning about volcanoes.

The VIs are fascinated with the environment that surrounds them. The hopes and dreams of the VIs are shaped by the things around them and so far, their future looks bright.

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