The VIIs Meet Mayor Bill de Blasio

From meeting the mayor to building the Permanent City, the past couple of weeks have been lively for the VIIs. The Permanent City is a model city that the VIIs make. It is made up of houses and stores. They are building boxes made of wood, which they will paint and decorate in accordance with what building they have been assigned. So far, most of the VIIs have their walls cut out and only need to nail them together, although some of the VIIs have finished nailing and have moved on to painting.

The next step after painting in this project is to add the details and decorations for the city, which the students are enthusiastic to get to.

Hugo Wasserstrom, VIIsC, is building City Hall, while Connor Keane, VIIsC, is building a clothing store. The reason Hugo wanted to build it was because he said, “Well, City Hall is a very important place, so I wanted to build it.”

On the other hand, Connor chose to build the clothing store because he just wanted to.

Georgia Rosenberg, VIIsR, is building a bakery-restaurant and will visit the Good Stuff Diner, which is a diner on 14th Street and 6th Avenue. Nicoletta Turner, VIIsR, is also building a clothing store and is going to visit Macy’s with another VII.

The VIIs love building the Permanent City almost as much their favorite project this year, which was building the Brooklyn Bridge.

In addition to taking small trips to gather information and inspiration for Permanent city, the VIIs went to City Hall on Wednesday, April 24th. While there, the VIIs took a tour and explored its various rooms.

Willem Vaishville, VIIsR, described the rooms: “We got to see the chamber of the city council, the governor’s room, the cow room, and the blue room.” Leo McGowan, VIIsR explained that the blue room is “a place where they hold press conferences. Both rooms are used for meetings in them but the cow room I thought was funny.” The students also saw the rotunda, the dome on top of City Hall. “Everything was kind of, like, spectacular,” said Willem. That said, the highlight of the trip for the VIIs was meeting Mayor Bill de Blasio. Willem was touched by de Blasio on his shoulder and said, “Now I’m never going to wash [my shoulder].” The VIIs, while making their boxes for the Permanent City, have also been learning about length and width and when to use them during the project. With width and length, the VIIs will each be given paper on which they have to measure the length and width of an object. They will then provide answers in feet, inches, or miles. Hugo mentioned that he liked joking with his friends: “Length of baby feet, miles. Length of a golf course, inches. [I would use] the opposite of everything. I’d be, like, the length of the Empire State [Building], inches.” In addition to units of measurement, the VIIs have also been learning about fact families, which is a group of math facts that use the same numbers. In the case of addition and subtraction, they use three numbers and get four facts. Georgia explained, “There is, like, these three numbers and the highest number is colored purple and if you use that number you have to subtract.” Learning fact families helps the VIIs learn how addition and subtraction relate to each other. For example, since six plus three equals nine, then nine minus three equals six, and nine minus six equals three. Building the Permanent City also helps the VIIs learn how a city works and what is important to it. As Hugo explained, “We’re learning about, like, the infrastructure of the city.” The VIIs have also learned about pollution in cities and the danger it creates. Hugo explained pollution as “like, all the garbage in the city. Pollution makes everyone die. It can make animals die, but it can also make people die.” Connor added, “[Pollution] causes tsunamis.” At the end of April, the VIIs bought five to ten eggs and began to care for them. They will eventually give the hatched chicks to a farm. Nicoletta and Georgia “do not know really know that much about it, but we have been reading a lot of chick books.” According to Georgia, it takes the eggs 20 days to hatch and then they will become actual chicks. On another note, this year has been special to some of the VIIs. They are sad to go, according to Nicoletta. They are close to finishing the school year and students have mixed opinions about that. Georgia immediately said, “No, I don’t like school,” but was quickly persuaded by Nicoletta that school is fun. One of the reasons some VIIs are sad to leave school is because “the VIIIs seems really hard,” shared Nicoletta. “We won’t get to go to Block Yard [anymore].” Blocks are a big part of the C&C Lower School and are beloved. The VIIs have used them every year for numerous projects and it will be a big change to not have them. Georgia and Nicoletta “We will always remember building the Brooklyn Bridge because it was the most fun.”

said, “We will always remember building the Brooklyn Bridge because it was the most fun.”

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