The IXs Transform into Animals and Make a Play

From left to right:Nia Fennell, Emerson Moley, Theo Schwider, and Slya Patel, XIsK students, coming up with ideas for an introduction for their upcoming play.

It has been a few weeks since the IXs returned from the Country Trip. Loretta Broderick, IXsJ, said, “It was really fun!” One of her favorite parts of the trip came at the end when both IXs classes played a game that has become a staple of the Country Trip: flashlight tag. Running around in the dark trying to find or hide from people was an exhilarating experience for them. Unfortunately, the IXs could not fulfill everything on their itinerary, such as archery. While archery was rained out, which was “a bummer,” according to Loretta, the IXs were still able to do other activities at Camp Mason.

A highlight of the trip was the expedition the IXs did from Independence, Missouri to Oregon on the fourth day of their trip. Of course, both their starting point and destination were just the large cabin that they sleep in. But that did not mean the journey was any less treacherous. IXs of both groups maneuvered two wagons across diverse terrain, trading off who would act as the mules. Being an animal was a fun, but tough, job. Sophia de Mendonca, IXsJ thought that the rocky streams were the greatest challenge, as the IXs had to pull the wagons over the obstacles. Luckily, the IXs were rewarded with a delicious homemade feast. They set up chairs, tables, silverware, and served foods like stew and johnny cakes.

Loretta explained that a johnnycake is a pancake made with cornmeal.

“A cornbread pancake!” said Sophia, whose favorite part of the feast was the lemonade. Loretta also complimented the veggie stew, which Sophia had helped to make. Both girls enjoyed the homemade fruit leather, which they made themselves in Science class with Science Teacher Katrina Raben.

Another well-liked activity on the Country Trip was canoeing. Emerson Moley and Elena Chirinos, IXsK students, both loved canoeing and thought that it was a fun and new experience. “Canoeing was probably my favorite part [of the Country Trip],” Elena said.

Elena also liked the Nightly Entertainment that they spent hours rehearsing. “I actually liked performing more than watching the skits. It was really fun performing in front of my friends at the campfire,” Elena said. Emerson agreed and said that he loved performing the skits with his friends.

One thing that all IXs loved was the opportunity to play and have fun with their friends. “My favorite part of the Country Trip was being able to spend a trip with my friends, sleeping in the same cabin as them, and playing with them,” Emerson said.

In the weeks since the IXsK have returned from the Country Trip, they have been “been chugging along with our Oregon Trail work,” said Katie Mastriano, the IXsK Group Teacher.

“We’re almost done with the Oregon Trail. We did make a stop recently. Minerva, (Siya Patel, IXsK’s, character) died,” said Elena. “Minerva” died of cholera, a disease that causes frequent diarrhea and extreme dehydration. Minerva drank water that was contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Both the IXsJ and IXsK plays will take place on May 10th, so the IXs finished their Oregon Trail work and “arrived” at Oregon City at the end of the week of April 22nd to give time to prepare and plan for their performance. “We planned out the scenes and split into [four] groups and are deciding what to do for the introduction of the play,” Emerson said.

The plays will be composed of skits that display the daily lives of those traveling West. Numerous scenes showing things like women cooking or people performing afternoon chores will seamlessly blend to tie everything the IXs have been doing for the last few months into one final project. Loretta and Sophia giggled about who is going to die in the play, but his name has been redacted from this article so the death will be just as shocking when the IXsJ put on their play next week.

The IXs had a lot to deal with this past week. They returned into the fold of school quickly after returning from the Country Trip. The IXs wrapped up their work on the Oregon Trail and arrived at Oregon City. Unfortunately, some of their peers’ pioneer characters could not join them as they died on their pilgrimage to the city.

In addition to all of that work, the IXs still need to run the School Store. “As far as the Store goes, we placed our final shipments for this school year,” said Katie. Be sure to stop by the store and make some purchases before they run out for the year.

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