Letter to the Editor - Issue #10 - Todd Rosenthal, and Declan Larson and William McCusker

Dear Declan and William,

Thanks so much for giving the community a look into the life of a student athlete at C&C! I was curious about these assertions in the article, all of which have a similar message:

Sports at C&C are “not the most competitive,”

“...a lot of sports we don’t take super seriously” (said by Max but basically supported in the article, I would say.)

“Student athletes at C&C are less competitive,”

C&C’s “laid back approach to athletics.”

Had you interviewed me for the article, or perhaps others who might disagree with the above characterization of the program, it might have provided an interesting and important counterpoint, paving the way for clarification on both sides of the argument. As it is, I can’t help but wonder what you mean by “less competitive” or “laid-back”, and where those ideas come from. Are you talking about our skill-level? The players’ attitude? The coaches approach? Our win-loss records? To whom are you comparing us? To other schools? To travel teams?

With so many C&C students involved in the sports program and working to balance team commitment with so many other demands, your article is a great starting point for a long overdue discussion at C&C. I wholeheartedly appreciate your exploration of sports at C&C beyond the typical report on “how the teams are doing”, and thank you for considering my questions above.

Todd Rosenthal,

Sports Coordinator

Dear Todd,

In retrospect, we understand we should have interviewed you for our feature about student athletes in issue 9. If we had interviewed you, we would have been able to publish a more complete article.

In response to your question about what we meant when we stated that the program is “less competitive,” we concluded this based on personal experience and the responses of those people who were interviewed.

In our own experience playing on City and Country sports teams, we both have noticed the emphasis on the progression of players and learning, instead of winning.

While we recognize that we should have gathered your opinions and those of other students, Scott Moran, our Principal, said in his letter to the editor in issue 9 regarding issue 8, that “[the School’s] ethos is centered principally around a cooperative and collaborative mindset, which sees competition as counter to the purpose of education.”

When we asserted that the program is not competitive, we are primarily talking about the focus on learning fundamentals that help build foundational skills for players. This is different than directly focusing on competition.

Thank you for your feedback and next time if we are doing anything sports oriented, we will be sure to interview you and get your opinions and thoughts.

Declan Larson

William McCusker

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