Gambling... IN C&C?

New York Times article on the gambling from 1946

In May of 1946, City and County School was swarmed by the police after an anonymous tip was left that parents were gambling.Yes, this actually happened all those years back. The gambling took place during the School Fair on May 19, 1946. The annual event is now known as the Spring Fair. After members of certain groups from the school performed theatrical skits for the parents’ entertainment, parents began to dance to the orchestra music, drank refreshments, or began gambling. Now, let me clarify that C&C parents were in the wrong gambling, but the reason behind the illicit act had good intentions behind. In this case of gambling, C&C parents were aware that all of their losses were going into the school scholarship fund, so, even though they were committing a crime, they were doing it on the behalf of the students of the school. after a telephone tip from a parent accusing certain individuals of gambling, police proceeded to raid City and Country and found the guilty parents and faculty. Many parents tried to refute the police claims of gambling, saying that it was no more serious than a “bingo game in a church,” but after seizing two slot machines and a roulette wheel, seven members of the school received summonses, an order to stand before the judge. Andrews (First name not found), was charged with running a gambling establishment, while another man, Phillip B. Stephens, was charged with running a slot machine. Five others were charged with running other gambling games. These people were Allen and Liston Oak, Elizabeth Muschenheim, Charles Shipman, and Doris Gessener. A lot of things were different in the school around that time. The Spring Fair seemed more like a fair for the parents, with the kids being the entertainment; performing theatrical skits, and playing music for the parents to dance to. Nowadays, the parents have their own secluded section, while the rest of the school is for child entertainment and play. For the ten years prior to the incident, C&C had held the school fair, and all of the profits have always gone towards the scholarship fund. Nowadays, the spring fair revenue goes back into the spring fair for the next year. Virtually all gambling has been outlawed since 1910, and the school has never had an instance of gambling since 1946, thankfully. Nonetheless, this is an interesting story from C&C’s past, our school, and it was worth telling.

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