Digging Deep: The Xs Discover What Identity Means to Them

Oscar Kolz, XsMe, practicing his calligraphy

The Xs continue their studies on the Middle Ages by examining daily life and social hierarchies of Medieval manors, and cathedrals.

“It has a lord and probably a lady, a majority of the manor is peasants and it has a couple of blacksmiths and it needs a water source,” said Robert Millacci, XsMe.

To further their understanding of manors, the XsMe were put into groups and tasked with the job of designing their own manors and illustrating them. This helped them dig deeper and look at the more detailed parts of a manor.

In Math, the XsMo continue their fraction work, specifically learning how to add, subtract, and simplify fractions. Robert Millacci and Ziva Salani, XsMe, claim they have already mastered the subject which was easy due to the fact that this is one of the more fun subjects they have covered in Math.

Aside from the core academics, the XsMe have been doing some important work in their Community Meeting time. The Xs are beginning a series of discussions about their identity. These discussions are coupled with a series of activities such as making collages of images and phrases they identify with.

“I have a picture of Israel, the world and Jerusalem on my collage,” said Ziva. “I have a cat and New York on mine,” said Robert.

Through this process, the Xs are also attempting to come up with an agreed upon definition of the word “identity.” Although they have yet to find this definition, some of the Xs have been thinking about what identity means to them.

“Maybe where you live, your race, your religion, your culture and things like that,” said Robert. “Before our project, I didn’t really know or understand where my family came from or who I was but I researched it a little more and I found out.”

The Xs will continue having these conversations about identity as they explore how they identify and who they want to be.

On the other hand, the XsMo have gone in a different direction, looking at the role of cathedrals in the Middle Ages and how they assisted Catholicism’s spread throughout communities. With this study of religion and cathedrals, they have been looking at what they call nun houses but are better known as convents. They have spoken about the life of these monks and nuns and what they had to do each day to fill the role of a person in the Catholic Church.

Along with their dive into cathedrals and convents, the XsMo are reading stories from the Bible. They recently looked at the story of Cain and Abel, the twin brothers who were the sons of Adam and Eve.

Both Xs have also started to learn calligraphy, a staple of the Xs curriculum. Later in the year, they will prepare to work on more difficult projects utilizing their calligraphy skills to create pieces of art that use calligraphy and their knowledge of the middle ages. The XsMo will be using a very fine version of gold called “gold leaf” that they will use to highlight specific parts of their painting. This will be a project that they will continue for the rest of their year and will be something that they keep for years after graduation.

Both Xs classes are tackling the complexity of the Middle Ages through different lenses, whether it be through the lens of religion, class, or social identifiers, the Xs are researching in depth the Medieval era as they develop a broader understanding of the Medieval time period as well as their own.

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