Billie Eilish: An Inspirational Artist

Billie Eilish is a seventeen-year-old singer and songwriter. Her career started in 2016 when she released her first song, Ocean Eyes. Since then, she has released two hit albums with her twenty-one-year-old brother Finneas O’Connell who is her band and opening act at concerts. She is popular amongst teenagers and other artists. Justin Lubliner, in partnership with Interscope Records, said that Billie was “a new breed of pop-star.”

Billie Eilish has accomplished so much at such a young age. She is known for having dead eyes and a baggy appearance. She is an artist that does her fair share of work.

“Someone else writes my music, someone else produce it, and I won’t say anything about it. Someone else run my Instagram… Everything could be easier if I wanted it to,’ she continued. ‘But I’m not that kind of person and I’m not that kind of artist. And I’d rather die than be that kind of artist,”’ said Billie. She is an autonomous artist who works passionately on her music.

Over these recent years, Billie has produced two successful albums. When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is Billie’s second album which is currently charting second on the music Billboard 200. On April 13th, it charted first. Billie’s first album, “Don’t Smile at Me” charted in the top twenty on January 26th, 2019.

However, Billie has her own unique style that people find different. She can be differentiated from other artists by her daring choices in music videos and style.

“Veering sharply into abject, ‘American Horror Story’ aesthetics, Eilish has bled jet-black liquid from her eye sockets, let a tarantula crawl across her face, and been manhandled and stabbed with needles by disembodied hands…”

Many people are inspired by Billie Eilish. At age seventeen, she is becoming more of a role model due to her fast success in her musical career. She realizes this and shared with the New York Times,‘“I completely recognize the responsibility, and I do think about it…But it’s not going to change the way that I am.”’

“I think Billie’s lyrics are hard to decipher, but they are beautiful and express a lot about her. She has a very soothing voice and I think it is amazing how much she has accomplished at the young age of 17,” said Nathalie Robayo, XIIIs.

“Billie Eilish has inspired me as a singer because she started at a young age and pursued what she loved and now makes a lot of meaningful music. Her lyrics are what stand out to me because they have a deep meaning in every song,” said Daisy Bishop, Xllls.

“I really admire Billie Eilish. I love how she doesn’t conform to all the ‘pop star standards’ (what you wear, how you act, what your songs are about, etc.) I love how Billie and her brother write all the music and how Billie’s songs always have so much emotion. She is an inspiration to me and I think it’s so cool that ocean eyes came out when she was only thirteen,” shared Ava Steiner, XllsS.

She recently performed for the first time at Coachella and had a blast. Billie is inspirational with her startling career and shared, “I’m realizing the place I’m in right now is kind of my time, though — my moment,” she said. “These are the good old days.”

Let’s see what else this talented seventeen-year-old artist has to offer to music industry.

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