The IVs Plant Seeds

May 3, 2019

Lila Sharma, IVsL, cutting bananas to make ice cream


The IVs have started to experiment with some of their newly acquired materials. They are exploring gardening, cooking, and using new tools that were previously foreign to them. 

In the IVsL, they have been experimenting with planting seeds and gardening. Two weeks ago, the IVs planted wheatgrass seeds. Now their grass is growing “extra healthy” as Mason Christou put it. 

They have all the grass in a planter by the window, to get sunlight to grow.  But the IVs still do not know what they want to do with the grass. Some IVs want to taste it, while others,  like Mason Duncan, say they want to keep it growing. Liana Stampur, the IVsL teacher, says she wants to rip it all out, harvest the seeds, and restart the process to show the IVs how they can reuse and recycle plants. 

On top of the wheatgrass, the IVs have planted other types of seeds. “We planted lima beans, watermelon and squash seeds,” said George Bruder, IVsL. For these seeds, the IVs used a different method of planting. They got a plastic bag, put a napkin inside it, dampened the napkin with lots of water, then planted their seeds of choice. These, like the wheatgrass, were planted by the window to maximize the growth time. 

While the IVsL were being interviewed, they were making something special. Because they had been extra steady the day before, they got to make a special banana ice cream, which used only bananas. IVs were cutting up their bananas into thin slices, and putting it into a large bowl in the middle of the table. After they cut up their food, they mashed it up, then put it in the freezer to finish the process and turn it into delicious banana ice cream. 

The IVsN have mostly been sticking to their usual routine, with a small twist. “Every time a IV does an act of kindness, they get to put a pom-pom inside of the jar,” said Katherine Hurewitz, the IVsN associate teacher. “We are trying to see if the IVs can fill the jar by the end of the day.” Unfortunately, at about midday on the day of the interviews, the IVs had put only a couple of pom-poms into the jar. 

The IVs have gotten new staplers for the popular paper table during work time and they seem to love them. They have been using them so much that some of the staplers are even jamming. Maude Duncan even managed to make a small coloring book with one of the staplers. Isobel Healey demonstrated how to use the staplers with an excessive amount of enthusiasm. “If you have more than two pieces of paper, they can combine if you want,” she said. 

At the beginning of this school year, Naomi Selwyn, teacher of the IVsN, created the Mystery Reader program, available once a week in the IVsN. How it works is faculty come from around the school to read a book of choice to the IVs. The staff member has to sign up for this job, but it seems that most of the staff love the special activity. 

Since the IVs do not actually know who it is until they come, Naomi and Katherine give them clues about what they do, their physical appearance, and where they work in the school. “When Principal Scott Moran came, we said things like ‘He helps everyone at the school,’ and ‘He is very tall,’ said Naomi. “They usually know who it is before the mystery reader walks in the door, but they are always surprised anyway.”

As the year starts to wind down, the IVs engage in bigger and bigger projects with newer and cooler materials that they did not have before. 


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