The IIIs Explore Self Image, Cultural Experience, and Lunch


Students are often a bit of restless before they get back in their groove. The time after the long holiday weekend is a unique one in that it gives students the chance to share their traditions and celebrations with their classmates. 

Some might be excited and a little tired from the massive parties they have had, while some might feel emotionally refreshed from a relaxing time with their family. There are countless ways to celebrate holidays, and countless holidays to celebrate.

Discussions about holidays and traditions  took place in the IIIsR classroom. Robin Sage, the IIIsR Group Teacher, explained to the IIIs about different holidays celebrated around this time, such as Passover and Easter. One of the most important lessons to learn as a child is to accept those who are different from oneself, and the IIIs are doing just that.

While discussions about holiday weekends are fun, no one feels truly back at school until they reunite with their friends and chat. In the IIIsC there has been a wide variety of conversation at the two lunch tables, as the students have effortlessly picked up where they left off. IIIs talked about what they did earlier in the day, what they ate, and what they planned to do on the Roof after Lunch.

 “I’m eating a pancake, and before I was working,” said Genesis Dean.

 “I’m eating cheese and mango,” said Luca Weiss. 

At another table, the IIIs compared their lunches. “I wish I had pasta,” said Elias Solebo. “My soup is slippery,” said Elias. 

When I was talking to Genesis and Luca, they noticed my pencil and were intrigued after I erased something. “I am excited to write,” said Genesis. “I can write the letter G.”  

The IIIs talked about what they did before lunch. “We had Snack before. Snack is my favorite,” said Luca. 

“I like cars and boats. I like machines,” said Genesis. 

At the other table, the IIIs shared their opinions about different activities too. “Paint is my favorite,” said Francesca Fucci.

“Everything is my favorite,” said Nicholas Shangloo.

 “My favorite part is Roof,” said Elias. 

The IIIs also said what they were going to be when they got on the Roof.  “I’m going to be a lion and a T-rex,” said Nicholas. 

In the IIIsA, students built structures to combat the heat. “We’re making a tent and a house,” said Max English. 

“I’m also making a tent,” said Anne Stowell. Almost all the things the IIIs made on a warm day had a roof on top. 

“It’s really sunny and I’m wearing short sleeves,” said Anne. 

“Water break!” Anisah Moonsammy, the IIIsA Teacher called in the middle of the Yard to keep the IIIs hydrated. 

“We have water breaks because it is spring and summer now,” said Edie Black. 

The IIIsA collaborated on their buildings. “I’m making a jet ski,” said Zain Haider. “Let’s make one bridge to connect our jet skis,” said Zain to Kai McLaughlin. “We made a splinter bridge,” said Zain.

 “I’m making a castle with Edie,” said Eden Mitchell. 

“I’m making the door,” said Edie. And so the IIIs return to school like clockwork. Building blocks, eating lunch, and taking holidays. As the year creeps to a close, every opportunity to spend among fellow C&C goers should be taken.

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