The XIIs Discuss Vaping

The XIIs beginning their new units. The XIIsP are set to perform their play today, while XIIsS are started to work on theirs.

The XIIsS are currently making outline for their play by looking at I Learn From Children, a book by C&C founder, Caroline Pratt.

XIIsP’s play is about Greek teenagers who learn that their actions have consequences. They were given two weeks to come up with the idea. The XIIsS have more time because their play will be performed two weeks later. Aside from the play, the XIIs started a new study in Science.

In Spanish, the XIIs have finished the Spanish film, Canela. The movie is about the owner of a restaurant in Mexico City who loses her passion for cooking after a tragic death in the family. Now that the XIIs have finished Canela, students are beginning to translate the Greek myth, Pandora’s Box.

“I find it really fun to try and figure out what some words mean that we have not learned since we already know about the story!” said Talia Janevski, XIIsP.

Even though the Pandora’s Box myth is long, the XIIs can easily translate the story using their knowledge about the tenses for past, present, and future. They can also use what they already know about the story to help figure out unknown words.

On the first day back from Spring Break, the XIIs had a discussion with Michele Bloom, Middle and Upper School Director, and Suzanne Baumgarten, the Lower School Psychologist, about vaping and juuling. The speakers talked about how these kinds of substances can be addictive and start from peer pressure, stress, and kids trying to be cool.

They also talked about how kids use vaping to hide their feelings and emotions because they are having a rough time in school or at home. Michele and Suzanne pointed out that if students feel stressed, they should come to a teacher because that is a better way to help deal with their issues. Students should not rely on dangerous drugs for help. They can come to teachers or talk to other people about experiences they may be having inside or outside of school.

“I felt like it was a conversation we needed to have even though people in our grade might not be doing this. It is important for us to learn about,” said Emmanuel Harris, XIIsP.

Miles Adjmi, XIIsP, said, “Vapes are different than cigarettes in the sense of it is more accessible and easier to get. Corner stores just want to make money they don’t really care about your age.”

Camille Sullivan, XIIsS, responded to Miles and said, “Once I even saw kids who looked around my age buying a juul at a corner store, but the man did not ask for ID. It was crazy!”

Among the XIIs, some students are most shocked about the usage of vapes and juuls by younger children, though not all of them were surprised.

Miles is not as surprised because he has seen kids his age vaping, while students like Camille and Talia are surprised.

These are just a few of the many XIIs found the talk with Michele and Suzanne informational and helpful. They also learned about the dangerous side effects of vaping and were allowed to ask any questions about it.

The XIIs thought these kinds of topics would be important for them to learn about this year and next as high school comes closer and the issues become more exposed to them.

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