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Over the past few years, the price of C&C has skyrocketed from a low amount to a price of around 50,00 dollars for XIIIs without financial aid.

During the beginning of C&C, the school was just a small townhouse in the middle of New York City. The school had a very small number of people and cost near to nothing. In the past few years, the C&C tuition has gone up significantly; in the year of 2014-2015, the price was around 38,800 for a XIII which, while still being quite expensive, is almost 10,000 dollars less than next years price of 50,400 dollars. The reason that C&C has seen such a significant rise in tuition over the past fours is that “Inflation in New York has made it harder and more expensive to own a school and since tuition is our main form of income, we need to make it more.¨

According to Mindy Schefen, Financial adviser, “C&C is very financially stable and in no way is struggling, but if we want to keep providing a comfortable and pleasant experience for the C&C student, we need the money that we get.” C&C gains 89% of their money

from tuition and fees, 5% from the annual fund, 3% from after school and other programs, 2% from the spring benefit, and the other 1% from miscellaneous. The school makes most of its money from tuition and fees which makes sense considering what the cost of the tuition is. Since the state average cost for private schools is only 12,000 dollars while the cost for an XIII at C&C is, many students at C&C wonder if this tuition balances out and why C&C needs all the money from the tuition. Jack, XIIIs, says “I understand why it is like that, C&C is a very progressive and different private school so it needs more funding.” The school spends its money on many things including salaries and benefits which make of 65% of money spent, 12% on financial aid, 7% in debt services and interest, 5% on facilities expenses, and 4% on instruction and student expenses. “C&C’s Goal is to provide a pleasurable and kind environment and community for all the students and families. We want our students to stay at C&C and love it as much as we do.” Although C&C costs a lot, Mindy says that “C&C does not deny that C&C costs a lot, we do not cost as much as other schools and we are very kind in the way we give financial aid.”

C&C is very expensive, but it seems as though they use the money very wisely and for the student's benefit and safety. The tuition makes up most of the money earned and it makes sense why it costs as much as it does.

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