The IIs Come Back Better Than Ever

April 12, 2019

During the afternoon group’s work time, the classroom was calm as Aanya Patel played in the water tub. “I’m washing my baby,” she said. “Her name is Aria.” She explained that this was the name of her baby sister who was “seven months, sometimes six.” The IIs splished and splashed water at the water table as they pretended to wash dishes or babies. 

At the water table, Eli McPike reminisced about his Spring Break. Eden GattulIo, the IIs Assistant Teacher, asked him about the animal he saw during break.

“It was an owl. It lived in a nest in a hole,” said Eli as he washed his baby and soaked him with soap bubbles.

Back at the easel, Aanya said, “I’m friends with everybody.” The IIs think of each other as friends and this is displayed through the way they play together. 

“That’s Remy! That’s Remy!” said Aanya excitedly as she pointed at her classmate Remy Salvaris.

Sara Hance, the IIs Group Teacher, said that since being back, the IIs have jumped right back into playing. While Milly and Io sat on the bench reading, Sara pointed out that one can tell that they have made a friendship by the way they were talking. 

“Let’s get more books,” said Milly to Io as she grabbed one off the shelf. 

Sara also noticed that they are making great progress as a group and are building better communication. Because the IIs are  young, they do not talk as much, but there is a big difference between their communication at the beginning of the year and now.

When talking to Lauren Larsson, whose son Kasper is in the IIs, she said, “He’s able to clearly tell me what he wants. He’s more mature.” 

ChIoe Rosenberg shared a similar opinion about her son Archie. She said that he has become more independent at home. He has learned to put on his own coat and clean up when he is finished playing.

While the IIs were surely happy to have a break from school, they have also missed the regularity of the school day and their friends. As the year starts winding down, the IIs are building their communication skills and feel prepared for what is to come for the rest of this year and next.



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