The IIIs Are Maturing

Another Spring Break has come and gone. People have already slid right back into their routines and are ready for a fulfilling last semester. The IIIsR room was hustling and bustling with kids building, painting, and  looking at books. 

However, the IIIs have some new materials to make use of, too— the most controversial of which is the water table. 

Oscar Edgerton and Damian Lucca played at this water table, straining and  mixing. 

 “We’re making hot dogs.” 

Everything was going well until Oscar abandoned his poor hot dog business because “we have to clean the windows.”

Oscar and Damian then dipped some nearby towels in their water, and started scrubbing the soapless windows. Robin, the IIIsR teacher, rushed over to Oscar and told him, “I’ve [Robin] told you before. It isn’t your job to clean the windows.” 

Oscar was given a short talk before he went back to proper material use. This is an important moment in a child’s development. A student needs to be able to have a teacher say they made a mistake without getting overly emotional or feeling personally attacked. The sooner people learn that the better.

In other areas of learning, the IIIs have started to talk  about maturity. Many of the IIIs’ parents are having babies, a big change for the entire family. The IIIs have likely never had a relationship where they were the older one. Being an older sibling requires a big change when it comes to how the person interacts with their family, as they turn from being the attention eater to the attention giver. 

To try and put this change into terms that IIIs can relate to, they made a book. This book has a baby picture and a recent picture along with a talent they picked up after being a baby. This is important since babies are the most sensitive creatures in the universe. A baby will learn its parents’ language, mannerisms, body language, laugh, voice, favorite movie, and swear word of choice within months of being born. Something this spongy needs to be treated with kindness and teaching the IIIs that about babies is incredibly important.

In the IIIsA, they explored different jobs and made a variety of buildings that pertained to those jobs while on the Roof Yard. A group made a hospital equipped with beds and walls. “We are building a hospital fort,” Max English said. 

“We are planning to make the hospital. ight now we’re making the beds,” added Lake McLaughlin. 

As part of the construction process, the IIIs used boards to imitate many tools such as jackhammers, hammers and nails. “I am also using a sharpener,” said Max. “I am a carpenter.” 

Max used the small and large boards as hammers and jackhammers, and he used a paint brush as a sharpener. The IIIs accounted for every detail while they made the hospital. The patient and doctor in the hospital were Anne Stowell and Claudia Mathews.

“I hurt my ankle three times so Nan will help me,” said Claudia. Nan tended to Claudia’s ankle injury, and the hospital beds then turned into “bouncy beds,” in  Claudia’s words. 

Another group of the IIIsA were police officers, who built walls, ramps, and doors around the hospital. “I am a police officer,” said Kai McLaughlin, “We are making a wall around the hospital with this small door. We are also making a police house.” 

The IIIs continue to learn real world lessons and information through their play on the Roof Yard and in the classroom. 

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