XIIs Get Their Head In The Game

As Spring Break approaches and the students of C&C begin to unwind, the XIIsS are continuing to work hard on their winter essays. They are near the end of their writing process and are currently constructing their bibliographies. They hope to finish by Spring Break.

Maia-Lu Reddy, XIIsS, said, “My topic is the Peloponnesian War.” She explained how their bibliographies were due February 27th, and that they were going to begin peer editing each other’s work soon. Each student’s topic has to do either with someone influential in Ancient Greece or something related to Ancient Greek history. A few examples of the topics include democracy, Greek theater, philosophy and law, and government. As the XIIsS reach the end with their work on their class book, they are eager to begin binding their it and have a finished product.

The XIIs job of being the caretakers of the IVs is still the highlight of their day. The XIIs love the social and interactive components of working with the IVs. When asked about why the XIIs job is to work specifically with the IVs, Bruno Katz, XIIsP, said it was because the XIIs spend a lot of time with adults and older kids, so working with this younger age group gives them a break and a new experience that is beneficial.

In Science, the XIIsS are continuing with their oceanography projects by making a model of the ocean floor. The way they are constructing this is by using a plastic bin, putting clay on the bottom to resemble the ocean floor and then fill it with water beside labels on the different ocean zones.

Lucas Gannon, XIIsP, said that he is studying the Atlantic Ocean and he will present about the Hadalpelagic Zone. He explained how different people were all in a group and that each person was in charge of a zone. This means that in each group of five people, each student is doing either the Epipelagic Zone, Mesopelagic Zone, Bathypelagic Zone, Abyssopelagic Zone, or the Hadalpelagic Zone. In the end, they will each explain their zone, starting with Epipelagic and ending with the Hadalpelagic zone.

In Spanish, having done their past, present and future tenses quiz, the XIIs are beginning to use the adjectives, noun, and verbs in class. They have been broken up into smaller groups and told to give presentations on two people who work at City and Country.

Rose Harkrider, in XIIsS, was assigned to Daniel Tortoledo, Music teacher, and Eddy Vargas, Security Guard. She asked her subjects, “What is your favorite animal?”

After the XIIs had collected all the information they needed, they wrote up all their questions and responses, using the different tenses they learned. They will put all the information onto a slideshow that will be presented to the class.

Marianela Fernandez, Spanish teacher, thinks this is an effective way of helping the XIIs learn the tenses because they have an interactive component to their project and it helps get the students more active in knowing about the adults in their community.

In Math, the XIIs are still working on algebra. They have moved away from just doing general algebraic equations to working on functions and slopes. The kind of functions they are doing involves using x as the input y as the output. Maia-Lu said she enjoys working with Desmos, an online graphing program.

Also, some of the XIIs participated in the MoMath competition held at Collegiate School on Friday, March 1st, which some of the XIIIs were a part of as well.

In the MoMath competition, ten seventh and eighth grade students from different schools competed against each other. The first round was independent, but the next round was with the other four classmates from your grade. There are ten problems and a 12-minute time limit. The goal of the competition is to answer as many questions as you can correctly. This is an annual competition that has always been held at Collegiate High School. After the competition ended, Middle and Upper School Learning Associate, Jennifer En and Specials/Academic Support Teacher, Gino Crocetti took the 10 students who competed to the Pinkberry near C&C for celebratory frozen yogurt.

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