Trump and Kim Jong-Un are Meeting Again…

President Trump and Kim Jong-Un are scheduled to meet in Hanoi, Vietnam this week for this administration’s second attempt at nuclear negotiations. North Korea has long been a concern of America and its allies—since 1993—and for good reason. North Korea is a brutal, militaristic regime devoid of freedom of speech where children are taught from an early age to hate America. Right next door to that mess is South Korea; a peaceful, technologically advanced wonderland full of delicious food and awe inspiring attractions.

The issue of North Korea has never fully been handled by a U.S president, and over all the presidents, The Kim family has continued to develop their nuclear and missile program. Mr. Trump is a unique president and, at least for a while, he seemed to be doing a better job than previous administrations. Trump’s “maximum pressure campaign,” in which he hoped to increase sanctions enough to damage North Korea’s defense industry, seemed to be moving them farther and farther from a position of power and we seemed to be getting the edge in the discussion. That is, until Kim’s 2018 address in which he said that the testing of the wea

pons had stopped and they had moved on to mass production. Regardless of whether this is is true or false, this statement America and South Korea in a strained state. Now, the only thing left to do is convince Kim to denuclearize.

The thing to be worried about when dealing with North Korea, is their goal as a nation. The U.S wants to make North Korea safer for the rest of the world, North Korea wants to make themselves more dangerous than the rest of the world. They will most likely never stop their nuclear program, which is particularly bad for South Korea. North Korea, if fully nuclearized, will not wage war on America. They would be nuked by twenty countries the moment they tried anything. However, if North Korea fully nuclearizes, South Korea is in trouble.

The Korean war never officially ended, a cease fire been in place for the past sixty years. If North Korea plays its cards right, they could strike a deal calling for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, but that would force South Korea to deweaponize as well as pull U.S troops out. If no U.S troops are there when North Korea attacks, they could do irreversible damage and call in support from Russia and China before we even got their. Hopefully our president does better than last time, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before that…

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