The Xs Put on a Play

Friday the 22nd marked the end of the Xs plays’ as the XsMo stunned the crowd with an amazing performance as they told the story of how the Babylonians and the Assyrians were pitted against each other by the ever powerful gods.

The play itself took place in

the Rhythms room and, unlike most City and Country plays, was set up with the audience sitting on the west wall facing the play which took place on the opposite side. The room itself was heavily decorated with three elaborate murals, several tall vases shaped drinking glasses, and three paper mache statues in the corner of the Assyrians’ side. There were several aspects of this play that resonated with the audience. One is the live music and dance scene that took place while the Assyrians performed a New Years party. Another is the tactful and creative way they divided the two sides of the battle: with a silk barrier. They used it, even though it was see-through, like a wall that the Babylonians (Aurelia Larson and Kai Levinger) had to “smash” through to get to the Assyrians while they partied.

The XsMo were thoughtful when choosing roles to play, and one X, Lucas Kaganovsky said, “It was really fun because everyone got to play more than one role and everyone had a line where it was just them and the whole audience was looking at -them.”

When in preparation for the Xs play, the XsMo started looking into play topics the week after they returned from Winter Break and immediately got to work. The class first split themselves into five different groups to brainstorm ideas for a plot. Then, each group narrowed down their ideas for a plot to just one idea and then came together and presented the ideas to the class. The Xs then voted on the possible plots presented and eventually narrowed the list down to only two. After much thought, the Xs chose thea the following plots, stories told by the gods and a fight between the Assyrians and the Babylonians. After choosing to combine the two ideas instead of choosing one or the other, the Xs split up again into groups to create roles and key parts to the plot. With these same groups, the Xs wrote and directed a scene that corresponded with the plot and characters. After that, they came back together as a group and practiced the proposed scenes they created.

The Xs had a lot of freedom when it came to creating their play which was an experience unlike performances in previous years.

“Making the play was pretty hard because in the VIIIs and th2 IXs you already had a concept to go from.” In the VIIIs it was just Lenape Daily Life and in the IXs, you played a game to decide the plot but in the Xs its harder because you have to start from scratch,” said Yasmeen Romero.

Aside from playwork, which consumed most of the Xs’ schedule, they have also been working hard in Math as they explore the Order of Operations. While in math the XsMo practiced their skills by participating in numerous math-themed games. One being an activity they took part in where they could see how many numbers they could make by using only four fours and the four functions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They also have been working hard in Book Group. They get to read one book as a class and they have to perform different actions in their meetings such as asking thought-provoking questions or researching a topic brought up in the book.

Now that the Xs have finished working on their play, they will have a small chance to relax before they dive deep into their next topic, Medieval Europe. The Xs are excited and can not wait to see how the two ancient time periods, Mesopotamia and Ancient Europe compare and contrast.

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