The Xls Get Busy

The Xls, still as busy as ever, have overcome the most stressful and fun part of the year. They are now masters on the printing press and still have their few last card sales yet to come. They are still vigorously learning about the Renaissance in Venice. They are also concluding their studies on poetry. In Science, they have started their research on bridges and recently had a quiz.

In XlsD, they are learning about the terrain, map, and canals of Venice. Ellie Keane, XlsD, explained that they are finding out “how its built.” Now that the Xls have mastered the use of the printing press, they are testing each other on how well they know it.

“We made quizzes on the different parts of the printing press,” said Sam Marshall, XlsD. As poetry studies come to an end, the XlsD went on a trip Friday, February 22nd to the Poets House in a private neighborhood. “They had thousands and thousands and thousands of books,” said Sam.

In Spanish class, the Xls are learning about Spanish speaking countries and creating slideshows. Ellie is studying Peru, while Sam is studying Chile. Other countries that are being learned about are Colombia, Argentina, and Cuba. “We have to translate it to Spanish,” said Ellie when explaining that the slides have to be in Spanish. In Computer class, the Xls are creating games on the renaissance. Ellie shared that they have to be “educational and fun games.”

“We are making renaissance guess who,” shared Maya Lax, XlsJ. She explained that the player has to guess who the renaissance character is by the hints dropped.

Recently, the Xls took the CTP test, level five, on February 15th. “It got worse towards the end,” shared Ellie.

“It was so stressful,” said Maya. Obviously the Xls are happy to be over that stressful experience.

Luckily, now that testing is over, the Xls feel prepared for future tests they have to take. On a more enjoyable note, the Xls also had their DISC dance recently. Many Xls shared that it was fun and crazy, but it got a bit hectic with so many kids in one confined space. “It was really loud,” said Vera Giraudo, XlsJ. Sam expressed annoyance when explaining that the dance ran out of food.

In XlsJ, they are currently watching A Midsummer Night’s Dream in class. “We are acting out scenes,” shared Maya. She explained that they are trying to get the feel of the play. Also, since there is so much rhyming and poetic talk in the play, Vera shared that they are also learning about poems.

In Social Studies, the XlsJ are learning about trading and the Spice Route which is “where traders traded stuff throughout Asia and Africa,” said Vera. She explained later that it spread into Europe as well.

Both Xls groups have been busy with studying Venice and learning about trading. They have much to look forward to with Spring Break coming up and lots to recover from as well. The Xls are relieved to be over with this year’s testing and are hopefully prepared for next year’s round. However much work they have, the Xls prove to be diligent students.

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