The Vs Present Their Art

The Vs have been hard at work on some exciting new projects they are looking forward to sharing with the school. Of particular note, the VsM have been working hard on preparing an art show.

“Painting is the unsung hero of our program,” said Jane Clarke. “What’s been happening in the Vs, in this particular group, is that they’ve been really taking a lot of notice of each other and what they’re doing. They’ve been having conversations about the kinds of colors that they’re mixing, and the kinds of paintings that they’re producing. It’s sort of permeating through the classroom, and the children have become really empowered and excited about what they’re doing.”

“We’re going to invite all the entire school,” said Gray Phillips, VsM. All of the Vs are looking forward to the school seeing the art that they have been working on for the entire year, especially because they will be inviting so many classes. Though they are not sure exactly when the art show will be taking place, they have begun work on the preparations for the art show.

For instance, in Writing, the Vs “have been working on the invitations that we’ll send to the groups coming to the art show,” said Julian Camacho, VsM. The VsM discussed who they wanted to invite and then got to work writing invitations using their new handwriting skills. “There’s a lot of work to do because we are inviting so many people,” added Julian.

In the classroom, artistic activities are very popular. During classroom time, many Vs immediately start working on their weavings and paintings. “It’s so much fun to be in the Vs. I like washing the paints,” said Layla Weiss, VsW.

“My mom is pregnant, so I’m making a weaving for my little baby,” explained Teddy Edgerton.

In addition to the art show, the VsM were busy in other classes. In Science, the Vs have started studying snow.

“When it snowed we went out and looked at the snow in the Yard,” said Gray. The goal of the study was to examine the snow crystals and discover what snow was made of and what it looked like inside.

“Yard is very amazing, you get to build whatever you want. I like to build a palace and pretend I’m a queen,” said Layla.

“I like pretending to be a kitty,” said Teddy.

In Rhythms, the Vs were trying a new and fun activity where they acted like sailboats. “It was really fun and cool to try and act like a sailboat and not hit other people,” said Jackson.

The Vs have also been practicing the letters of the alphabet by doing different movements. “My favorite letters are L, Z, A, and H,” said Teddy.

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