The VIs Put on a Show

From February 13th to 15th, the VIsE performed puppet shows in their classroom, or in this case “The VIsE Magical Theater.” Groups ranging from the IIs to the VIIs visited their theater. Vibrant signs were painted by the VIs and plastered on the door. These signs welcomed visitors and gave them something to look forward to. Two tall, black ticket booths, entirely hand-crafted from cardboard, stood by the entrance. Inside the ticket booths, VIs sat and slid colorful tickets through a small slot for visitors to take, providing a true theater experience.

“I have a zillion tickets. I am shuffling them,” said Serafina Rura-Haug, while operating the booth.

Then, the IVs, who were anticipating the performance, gave their tickets to other VIs and got them cut. Afterward, all the IVs filled the main room and took their seats, as the VIs were preparing for their big puppet show. A long, blue curtain covered the performance space and glimmering lights outlined the ceiling of the room. Julian Lucca introduced the performance and welcomed the crowd of eager students to their magical theater. He explain the order of the fairy tale-themed puppet shows that would take place.

The first group performed The Three Little Kittens. Their mural was of a large gray house with three windows, surrounded by a vivid blue sky and a golden sun. There were three kittens; black, orange and yellow, who all wore mittens. The puppets were attached to wooden skewers and maneuvered by the VIs. They loudly sang a chorus of meows, entertaining their young audience who happily giggled. The props, such as the table and food bowls, were made from cardboard, paper, and paint.

The second group took on The Three Little Pigs. Their mural was of several lush green hills with large trees. Each piglet had a different voice, while the big, bad wolf’s voice was rough and deep. Each house was crafted from a different material. The straw house was made from paper shreds, the stick and brick houses had printed images of both sticks and bricks pasted on the exterior, to give a realistic effect. As the VIs said the famous line, “And I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down,” the audience joined in, adding to the exhilaration of the performance.

The third group did Goldilocks and The Three Little Bears. The VIs had a remarkable idea, which was to have a “stunt double” for Goldilocks, meaning that there were two Goldilocks. One that stood up and one that laid down, making it easier for the VIs to move their puppets around the stage. During the beginning of the show, one Goldilocks stood up and later was switched out with the duplicate that was lying down.

“I am mama bear and she is always in the middle,” said Gia Triller, explaining her character after the performance.

The last group performed The Three Billy Goats Gruff. For the three goats, the VIs used rope material, paper fasteners, and buttons. The ogre who lived under the bridge The ogre provided a sense of mystery or suspense because the VIs made up an “evil voice” for him to express that he was the bad guy in the story.

After each performance, the VIs were given a standing ovation and well-deserved praise for their effort and passion.

The VIsE Magical Theater Performance was a success. It appealed to their Lower School audience and gave the VIs an opportunity to create and interpret their fairy tales.

The VIs were swift and diligent with their transitions and line memorization. The VIs made everything in their performance, from puppets to murals, all out of classroom materials. Their sturdy stage was made solely from blocks and was convenient for the VIs as they sat behind it, completely concealed from the audience, allowing the viewers to focus on the puppet show.

The VIs used their creative intelligence and their new reading skills to perform four different plays. We hope to see them expand their creativity and work on new projects that bring similar pleasant results.

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