The VIIIs Get Down To Business

The VIIIs’ weeks are getting busier and busier as they rush to get ready for their upcoming play. They are painting murals, making costumes and props, and most importantly, they are creating the script for their play. But the best part about the VIIIs’ play is that both groups do it together.

“It’s going to be in three weeks. They just told us so now we are rushing to get it done in time,” said Vienna Valazzi, VIIIsN. “We all got things to study such as gardening or hunting and we are making props for them now,” she continued.

“We made most of the pots and shirts but are still working on our special project that relates to what we are studying. I am making a bow and arrow since my study is hunting,” said Luca Falkenstein, VIIIsN.

Although the students in VIIIsN are still working on props, the VIIIs mural is almost finished. The main attraction of the mural is a giant wigwam with an opening so people can walk out of it like a door. It also features the back and front of a deer hiding behind two trees. However, the VIIIs mural is not like any other mural at C&C. Their mural is displayed in strips.

“We are painting them in strips but only some are going to be connected. There are seven murals in total,” said Luca Falkenstein.

Another one of the murals that the VIIIs are painting will display a horizon with a fire set in front.

However, the most difficult part of the play is making the script. “We thought we would have a month so we haven’t even done one act yet,” said Vienna.

According to the VIIIsN, they are going to start writing their script in groups. Each group will go to the Rhythms room and write one act, then they will combine all the scenes together to create the play.

“All the hunters from both groups will go up, then the people studying gardening, language, and we will put it all together,” said Vienna.

In addition to working on their play, the VIIIsN are also enjoying Book Buddies.

“It’s a way to teach the VIs a way to become a better reader,” said Nina Shefferman, VIIIsN.

“I like it because we are helping them read but are also getting experience. Plus, we were once them,” added Emma Darman, VIIIsN.

But it also seems like the VIs love reading with their Book Buddies too. “They are very kind and generous which is the best part,” said West Wald, VIsT.

Meanwhile, in the VIIIsJ, the VIIIs have buckled down and are working hard on their research now that all of them have gotten their topics. They went to the Research Library to pick out books related to their topics and have learned a new way to organize their notes by putting each fact on color-coded index cards. This makes looking back on their resources easy.

The VIIIsJ have also learned about wampum and are starting to create patterns. Mateus Langham, VIIIsJ, said, “Wampum was valuable for trading and money. They are beads. We don’t make the beads. But they used shells usually purple and white but we are using blue and white.”

Ivy Heitzman, VIIIsJ, says, “You take the string then you put the beads on the nettle then you weave it and put the needle in the beads and pull it.” The majority of work goes into these exquisite design before the weaving.

First, they make a planning sheet to sketch out their design. There are only two colors as Ivy explained so the planning sheet is basically a chart where they draw in a blue and leave them out. Past designs have illustrated arrows, spears, and fireplaces.

In Math, the VIIIsJ are memorizing the multiplication table from 1x1 all the way to 12x12. To help them study, they have created charts to remember how to multiply.

In Word Study, they are learning about verbs, adjectives and nouns and what properties these parts of speech have.

The VIIs have been busy with all their subjects, their Lenape studies, their play, math, and book buddies. However, it seems that the main subject they have been really cracking down on is their play. They are rushing to create all their props, murals, and most importantly, their script for their play. They have learned to deal with the stress of having to create and perform a play in a few weeks, and still work on other subjects l. Through all of the stress, excitement, and hard work, the VIIIs will manage their stress and perform an excellent play on the Lenape.

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