The Spring Benefit

Every year, C&C parents and staff alike gather for the annual Spring Benefit. There was a raffle, which is where students and parents were able to buy tickets in the lobby of the 13th Street building. “The raffle is for current parents to buy tickets to and all of the prizes are special experiences for students with faculty and staff members,” said Penny Arnold who helped to organized the Spring Benefit. Some of the raffle prizes included a student-staff dodgeball game in the Ball Yard, which is always a favorite, and trapeze with Lisa Ochs. This year’s benefit was held at Capitale, which is an event venue on Bowery and by Little Italy.

“The benefit starts at 6:30. There’s really good food and beverages. There’s different buffet stations, special drinks, and desserts. We have entertainment during it, there’s a deejay, he’s very popular with our parents,” said Penny. There was also a photo booth and the biggest part, the auction. Parents had the chance to win a dinner with Scott, a stay at a house in Montauk, a “behind the scenes tour of the Pentagon,” a visit to the CBS news station in Washington, and a pig and tea date. The pig and tea date is where a student and a friend can have tea with Caolifhionn, who belongs to the Jenkins family, who are alumni parents. There were over 200 items up for bidding.

Penny said that the hardest part of planning the Spring Benefit was the auction because of the number of items that they had and putting together a description for each item. “We don’t want someone to bid on something that isn’t what they thought it was.” The auction was done via cellphone, and parents were able to view items up for bidding starting last Friday. The money raised from the auction goes towards financial aid and scholarships for City and Country students. Last year, $420,000 was raised and this year, their goal was to make close to, or over that amount.

“The Benefit will definitely cost over $100,000, but we won’t know the exact amount until after the event, because it depends on a lot of things, like how many people attend, for example,” said Penny.

When talking to the co-chairs of the committee, Lauren Larsson and Amy Lieberman, they expressed that the auction was tough to do, but the hardest part, to them, was being able to incorporate everyone’s ideas. “I think it’s a challenge to make sure that everyone is happy,” said Lauren.

“We found a location for it last spring, so we started almost a year ago,” said Penny when asked about the process of getting the benefit together. “We have our co-chairs and there’s a benefit committee working with them.” “We are very lucky that they have all given their time and their expertise to help, so they’ve really put a lot of time in making it come together,” said Penny.

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