The IVs Become Illustrators

Recently, the IVs have been actively working on their more artistic side. In work time, it seems that they have been working less with blocks, and gravitating towards work at one of the tables. This includes working with paper, string, paint, and clay, or their homemade play-dough. These tables seem to be increasingly popular among the IVs, as they have the freedom to do whatever they want.

Isobel Healey, IVsN said, “My favorite table is the paper table. I sit here every day. I like to use the yarn here.” She was not alone. The paper table seems to be one of the most popular tables. IVs can work with paper to draw and write, or they can make paper crafts with yarn and tape.

The IVsL have been working on a book with the XIIs. The IVs’ parents were asked to send the teachers a family story that they could share with the class. The XIIs helped the IVs write the stories in the book, while the IVs illustrated their stories. They had lots of fun sharing their stories amongst each other.

“My story is about Bob Dylan,” George Cormier, IVsL said enthusiastically. He got some inspiration from what happens every night, and decided to use it for a family story. “My parents play me two of his songs every night before I go to bed.” He was working on his illustration, which depicted Bob Dylan onstage.

But the IVsL were not only working on their book. The IVs made another set of new colors they invented by mixing different paints. These colors ranged from brown to pink, and had imaginative names like light avocado, unicorn magic, and worm brown. Painting has been something that the IVs have gradually become more and more passionate and curious about.

Overall, the IVs have been everywhere in the classroom. Whether it is mixing paint, writing with the XIIs, or working with yarn at the paper table, the IVs have been honing in on their creative side.

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