The IIs Stick to the Norm

Eli McPike building a chimney​

The IIs have been up to their usual antics, building with blocks, molding clay, and reading stories in their classroom. However, the IIs have begun to explore the place that they know as a school a lot more. One of their most recent trips was to the VIs to watch their puppet show, The Three Little Kittens. They have also been to the library and the morning group of IIs went to the lower school assembly in February. While the IIs enjoy the out of the ordinary happenings in their day, they never get tired of their regular schedule.

“I’m making a chimney,” said Eli Mcpike as he stacked his blocks and draped them with a cloth. He began to add more to the top of the chimney, but unfortunately, it fell.

“We’re making some pie for my baby,” said Amelia Wells. She then went over to the block case to pick up more cubies and put them in a bowl to create her “strawberry pie.”

Sara Hance, the IIs teacher, helped the children who were building to make a stove. “Here’s another stove,” said Amelia as she plopped two blocks down in front of Sara.

Eli put a pizza in the stove, and the other IIs were itching to eat some of his food. He warned them that it was too hot.

“Now can I have some,” asked Amelia, Eli answered her “yes,” and Amelia and other IIs began to eat their fictional pizza.

Echo Doig came over to the block area hoping to play with another classmate. She went over to Sara and asked for her help asking another II if they could play together. Sara reassured Echo that she could just go over and ask Remy Salvaris to play with him.

“Can I play with you,” asked Echo, to which Remy replied “yes.”

Although the IIs have been together for almost a year now, Sara said that they are still learning to communicate with each other. When there is a conflict that they do not know how to solve themselves, Sara comes in and is able to help mitigate the situation. Effective communication is still an ongoing process in the IIs classroom, however, they have been making progress.

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