The IIIs: Halfway Through Term Two

The IIIsR have recently started to paint pictures, build more complex block structures, and continue to develop their people skills. For those who are not familiar with the hierarchy of paint color exposure, black is the first pigment offered. Mick Jagger famously sang “I see a red door and I want to paint it black.” These IIIs agree, because they have no other options, or as Sawyer Newton put it: “red, blue, and yellow are on vacation.”

In other IIIsR news, Kai Kobayashi-Coston was making progress on a sturdy wooden structure he referred to as a trampoline, when all of a sudden William Conlee came up to help him with what he thought was a house.

“Hey!” said Kai, defensively.

“I’m helping you build this house,” explained William as he started work on Kai’s trampoline.

“I don’t want a house!” Kai exclaimed. In short, William accepted and began working with Kai on expanding the Trampoline.

Meanwhile, in the IIIsC classroom, a thoughtful discussion was being had on the nature of peace. Teacher, Cathy Novembre, read a story about peace and was trying to explain the rather complex idea by giving examples that the IIIs could relate to. First, she said that peace was like a river; the kids looked confused. Next, she compared peace to the sky; at this point the kids thought that peace meant the color “blue.” The conversation was then opened and the IIIs could share what they thought peace was. Excited hands rocketed upwards and definitions such as “BEING CALM!” and “NO WAR!” were shouted as the energy escalated. Cathy’s hands lowered in the universal sign for “calm down.” Once the room was quelled, Cathy said, “most importantly, the definition of peace is… quiet.”

With that, peace was restored to the IIIs.

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