Lawsuit Against Trump

President Trump has yet found no congress member to fund him for the U.S.-Mexican Border Wall construction, so he does something surprising. He declares the wall a national emergency and begins to use the U.S. emergency funds.

California is upset about this, specifically Governor Gavin Newsom and State Attorney General Xavier Becerra. They have filed a lawsuit and want to take more legal action against Trump. Though many people agree with the construction of the wall, they disagreed with using the emergency funds to do this."President Trump got one thing right this morning about his declaration when he said, 'I didn't have to do this.' He's right. He didn't have to do this. In fact, he can't do this," said Becerra.

Donald Trump attempted to redirect money from the U.S. Emergency Funds to build more than 230 miles of barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump knew that using the U.S Emergency Funds would bring lots of legal action against him, but took his chances. Trump’s announcement followed his two-month period that included the longest government shutdown in the U.S. history, at 35 days. Willem Hale, XIIIs, said that he agreed with the border wall. “We need it 100%. According to both NBC and the Heritage Foundation, Illegal Immigrants cost America about 54 billion dollars. The highest estimate for the cost of a wall is about 25 billion. According to CBS News about 42% of illegal immigrants go through the southern border so this would eliminate a large amount. Because America will save about 22.68 dollars a year (this counting that only 42% of illegal immigrants will be stopped), of course, the first year we will make 12.68 billion dollars but then we will make 22.68 dollars a year. Not only will the wall save America money but it will keep people that are not supposed to be in the country out of the country.”

Marco Fenell in the XIIIs said, “I think [that California] should file a lawsuit against Trump, the border wall is a huge waste of money.”

On the other hand, Bryan Lau in the XIIIs said, “It's gonna be huge. No, it's a great idea frankly.” This shows that some people agree with Trump’s motives and that there is a huge chance that this will be followed through and completed.

Becerra also said the U.S. Constitution gives the Congress the power to control how federal dollars are spent, not the president. This was an obstacle Trump had to face. It shows that he is not in charge with the federal money, but actually the Congress is. That he can not just take the federal, but can only try to argue his way in.

After Trump's emergency declaration went to Congress, the Congress passed a spending bill of only $1.375 billion for border security. Trump had asked for $5.7 billion, but received a much smaller amount. Trump, trying to gather more money, starts his announcement on February 15 with, "Because of an invasion of our country with drugs, with human traffickers, with all types of criminals and gangs..." explaining how the U.S-Mexican Border Wall will cut of most of our activity with Mexico.

He later said the U.S-Mexican Border Wall wasn’t and emergency, but was something useful to get started on. “I didn’t need to do this, but I’d rather do it much faster,” he said.

“I am both Mexican and American so the thought of the two places being separated by a wall is hurtful.” said Anjali Huque. She explains how the wall is not emergent and that if the wall goes up it will be a lot hard for her family to visit her.

Even though California is taking legal action against Donald Trump, there are still people who agree and support the American-Mexican border wall. Trump calls the wall important to prevent a big emergency, but many other don’t agree.

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