C&C at the MoMathlon

On Friday, March 1st, a team of XIIs and a team of XIIIs left for the Collegiate School where the annual MoMathlon competition was held. The MoMathlon is a middle school math tournament run by the National Museum of Mathematics in New York. The XIIs team was made up of Lars Malarkey, Bruno Katz, Georgia Guariglia, Charlie Shapiro, and Miles Adjmi and the XIIIs team had Max Beyer, Roland Levy, Hanna Kenyatta, Quinn Kleinhans, and Nathalie Robayo. Both teams worked with Gino a couple of weeks before the tournament began and practiced using problems from previous years. “The practice we did with Gino was very helpful and I felt much more confident going into the tournament,” said Hanna Kenyatta, XIIIs.

The tournament is arranged into three tests, Individual, Mix-up, and team. The Individual round comes first with 12 minutes to solve 10 questions. The Mix-up round was followed by the Individual round, where each student works with people from different schools to solve 8 problems in 12 minutes. The last round is the team test where students solve 8 problems in 12 minutes with their school teams. After all three rounds, everyone moved into the auditorium, so the tiebreaker round could begin. In the tiebreaker round, students competed to settle various ties with a minute to solve each problem. Quinn Kleinhans of the XIIIs was a participant in this round, though he only lasted a few rounds.

“Considering that there were more advanced math teams, I think that we did pretty good, especially because we had one of the only kids that have ever gone to the tiebreaker round,” said Roland Levy.

The last part of the tournament was the awards ceremony. Most of the awards were given to students from Lab Middle School and Hunter College High school, though there were a total of 25 teams at the competition. Even though City and Country did not win any awards, spirits were still high as the teams left the competition. “It was a great way to combine fun and math,” said Nathalie Robayo.

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