Xs/XIs Barclays Centre Basketball Game

On February 5th, the Xs and XIs, girl and boy, basketball teams played at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn. Todd Rosenthal, sports coordinator, organized the event but the idea came from Vera Giraudo, XIsJ, who Todd describes as the “leader of the effort.”

Vera came up with the idea as a way to raise money for more green spaces as part of City and Country’s sustainability program in the XIs.

The game was between of City and Country and Manhattan Country School. Both groups played as one meaning that the Xs and XIs girls teams played as one and the boys team played as one.

The event was organized with the help of “New York City Basketball Kids,” which is dedicated to supporting a child’s “basketball dreams.” The tickets were $22 a piece, $17 of which went to NYCBK and $5 to City and Country. Todd estimates that the number of tickets sold was over 40. “I think we made more than $200,” said Todd.

At first, the Xs and XIs were a bit worried because they couldn’t reach the basket, but the court was virtually the same as 201. Todd described the court ‘3x the length of 201.’ but the basket, despite the thoughts of the players, was the same height as the basket in 201, and the foul line was the same distance from the basket.

“No, it was a day off of school. I didn’t feel the need to make it mandatory,” said Todd when asked if players had the choice to come. The game was however on their sports calendar. For not being mandatory, the game had a very good turnout.

“The XIs are making green spaces and Vera, who’s on the Xs/XIs basketball team came up with the idea when they were at the Barclays Centre to have the proceeds from their ticket sales go to making the green spaces in the school. So they’d get money for their plants and materials,” Katrina Raben, science teacher, said on the reason behind the game at Barclays Centre.

“So basically, we are working on enhancing green spaces at our school. We thought that we could make our own money out of the C&C basketball game,” said Benjamin Squires, XIsJ. Benjamin’s group, which consists of him, Vera, Thomas Rollins, and Alyssa Harter, were mainly focusing on a green space in the teacher’s garden. They were going to ask Scott Moran, C&C’s Principal, for money for their project.

Both teams lost, unfortunately. The girls team, lost 14-20, and the boys 21-2, but everyone had a great time. “It was pretty fun, but it was just sad that we lost,” said Emelia Fusaro, XIsD. “It was really cool to be in that space. It was really big and I was really nervous,” said Alyssa.

“Well it was really fun,” said Talia Fuller, XsMo, “It’s just cool to play on the same court as the Nets do.” Even though both teams lost, both the Xs and XIs believe that being able to play in the Barclays Centre was a great opportunity and they would love to be able to do it next year. Todd said that if he were to do this next year, it would be open to XIIs/XIIIs team as well and they would play there twice in the season instead of just once.

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